Have you ever thought about why it is so easy to defend your child or your parenting but you are not so quick to defend your husband or your marriage?

Unfortunately in today’s society that you see this happening. When things get tough it seems that people are quick to throw in the towel and not willing to fight for their commitment they have made to one another. Even more commonly now seen is people are even throwing in the towel on their children and a lack of responsibility seems to be overwhelmingly common.

It is like the first signs of trouble and people are quick to run away or give up. They are quick to point the finger that it is someone else’s fault and not taking the accountability for their own actions.

Truth be told so many people do not understand their roles or functions in the family covenant. There is too much of self and not enough servant hood for one another. It has become an everyone out for themselves.

This generation of married couples have become lethargic and for the moment kind of people. Anything that takes a little work or brings a little pain they see as a weakness instead of an opportunity for growth.

This is not what God intended. In fact it is far from what God created us to be. God gave Adam his wife Eve as a companion not an enemy. They were made to work together and not against one another. They were to be the strength where the other one is weak so that they would be ‘one’ and not two.

Too many marriages have become about the day and the fancy things that they can have for that day but they do not prepare themselves for the lifetime that is ahead of them or leave their selves at the altar when they are asked to join in Holy Matrimony. The couple still tries to live two lives in the same house which makes a very sticky situation. Instead of jointing together they engage in war.

It is time to get back to the basics. Wives needs to take the responsibility and roles of keeping the home in order and supporting their husbands – encouraging them to reach their potentials. Wives needs to be more involved in their children’s lives and teaching them the necessities of life instead of leaving it for the schools to do or their children to learn it on their own.

Husbands need to take their responsibility and take their spiritual walk with God seriously and to see the needs of his family is meet by being obedient to God and what call he has on his life. Husbands need to step up to the plate and be a true role model and show their children how a wife should be treated as well as all those that they meet and show them what is to be like Jesus.

Children needs to take the responsibility in being a student under their parents wings and not the one who controls the home and put as the “head of the house”. Children needs to see that authority is for protection and good and not for punishment and imprisonment.

When the home becomes unified a certain kind of atmosphere takes place and the enemy does not want that to happen. He knows if he can keep the homes in disunity he can keep his foot in the door. The enemy does that by attacking the identities in the homes and draws upon the spirit of entitlement that keeps the home in strife and discord – destroying the next generation instead of building a foundation for it.

It is time that married couples take each other’s hand for each other and not with the mindset of control. All control should remain in the hands of God and when both partners follow God with all their hearts and God is in control – life become a little less complicated.

When they support one another, no matter what life brings their way, they become stronger for it. Their situations doesn’t take them under and divide, but instead teaches them to be conquers through Jesus and become more in unity with one another and as a learning experience to help others. When a husband and wife takes each other’s hands and build a home under God it becomes a stepping stone and a light for others to see and follow. When they pray their words becomes like the sword and cuts the enemy to pieces and victories upon victories are claimed. As this takes place they bring it into the church and shifts takes place in the atmosphere.

Next time someone comes against your spouse or you feel yourself warring against them, ask yourself, am I working with them or against them and is God pleased on how I am handling this? If you are not for your spouse you are against them and the consequences is a heavy price to pay. It very well could cost you more than you could ever imagine. God uses your life as a living testimony for Him, so what is your marriage testify about God?