My children, I weep over you. You are so caught up in what the world has called life that you do not see what is really at stake here. Soul after soul is dying. So many souls are lost and hurting. When will you get your eyes off of yourself and see that I need you to give them Me.

Do you think that anyone will take your place with Me? Think again. There is a place for all My children in My kingdom. The lies of the enemy you are so quick to believe, but you ignore the truth that I give you and find it hard to receive. This makes My heart grieve.

There must be a change and a new focus. If you do not put Me into the top priority in your life and quit worrying about what others think of you, or trying to please them, you will become just as lost.

I have called and I have wooed, but not many heeded. I will not sit back and watch those who are crying out to have Me rescue them from the pit that they are in. I have given you chances to get it right. The last thing I want to do is pass you by.

Let go of the life as you know it and see that there is a work to do. Let go of your petty complaints and distractions and see that there is so much more that is going on than what your eyes see. There is a work to be done and souls that need to hear.

Check your heart. Once and for all answer: do you want the world or do you want Me?