Eye has not seen nor ear heard about what is about to take place across the lands. I have spoken of things to come but it was only entry level of what I am preparing you for.

Your homes will become a place of security and safety. The church will be the refuge from the storms of this physical realm as well as the realms of evil.

Do not take lightly the things that I have said, for you must commit and surrender completely to Me. You must stop the ‘woe is me’ and see that I have an abundance of joy and laugher that will bring you through all the hardships and struggles that you will have to endure.

Study about how My servant, My son Paul, praised Me through each trial he went through. Study how he would see the things within himself that needed to be changed and did so that I might receive the Glory and to be an example for his brothers and sisters to help them advance in My kingdom.

Selfishness must be far from you and your mind upon the things of My kingdom. You are a temple that I dwell. Allow yourself to become completely purged and purified and pliable to all that I chose to do with you.

Let go of all your plans and motives and open yourself up to be obedient to everything I am asking you to do no matter how small or great.

Praise Me in all that you do. Praise Me in all that you go through. Focus upon the good that comes from everything instead of the things that the enemy consistently points your attention to. You must at all cost keep discouragement away from you and chose to walk in the truth that I have said over you.

Discouragement comes when you allow your understanding and expectations to become above Mine. Discouragement comes when you are not seeing things in My light but in the light of your own perception.

Take each day as it comes and choose to get the most out of all that I am doing with you. Choose not to sin but to be sanctified and walk in holiness. And as you do this and allow your mind to be changed and lined up to My Word. Freedom beyond imagination will take place and a new depth in Me will be obtained.

I love each and every one of you My children. Praise Me just as Paul praised Me and learn as he learned and all that I have spoken will come to pass in the correct timing.