Do not take each day for granted, but live each day to its fullest potential. Quit allowing worry and stress to overwhelm you and steal away the time you have to accomplish much for My kingdom.

Enjoy the beauty of the day. Enjoy each moment for what it is. Realize that every breath you take in is another chance to receive more of My love and to give out more.

If you would just take your eyes off of the woes of life and see the wonder of life, so many things would change. Look and see the miracles that takes place all around you. If you would just make the choice to be happy and joyful in all that I have for you each day, how much better things would be.

There is much that is about to take place, but where is your eyes resting upon? Where is your trust and what are you doing with your time and your day? Ask yourself these questions and get into My Word and see what I have to say and have instructed you to do.

Get your dancing feet in tune because you will dance your way to victory as the unfolding of the truth takes place.

Be happy. Be glad and think upon good things that I have prepared for you. Quit working so hard to doubt and just believe in Me and all that I tell you.

There is so much to be revealed in each day. Be prepared for the Heavens is opening wide and I am pouring out many things upon those who are really ready to receive.