I am in the reconstructing business. I am rearranging and transferring different things in My temples – individually as well as corporately. You need to stay very in tune to what I am telling you.

I have shaken the foundations of My people. Those who have stood upon shaky ground will now see that anything that is not built upon My Son, Jesus shall fall. I have put a standard that your foundation must be. Your foundation must be built upon My Son and of unconditional love at all costs. You shall have pillars of strength, endurance, steadfastness, and a relentless compassion for the souls that I have placed in your path to bring into My Kingdom.

Your pillars must not falter or diminish My purposes for My house. They must stand to do the things that they must have been built to do. They must be for My Kingdom and not your own.

Do not look at your past as failures, but as stepping stones to where I am taking you.

Get ready for the renovations and allow your foundation to become solid upon My Son, Jesus.