Incredible Manifestations, Deeply Rooted Demons Destroyed by Jesus!

Greetings Lighthouse members,

I can’t wait to tell you about how wonderful our Jesus is today! A young woman came to us seeking deliverance and healing, as she was struggling with some depression and lethargy. When she came in to the exorcism session, she began to tell us of some deep traumas from the past. It helped her tremendously, she told us, reading the on-line deliverance blogs to get an idea of what Jesus does for us. Eager to be set free, she set her heart on showing up and receiving what God had for her.

It wasn’t long before I opened us up in prayer and began calling upon the Name of Jesus and assigning the Holy Angels on several tasks in the spirit realm when suddenly her body started convulsing. Immediately, the demons reacted and manifested before I could even finish praying. I switched gears and seized the moment and began commanding the demons to come out of her. Many spirits of torment, fear, anxiety, shame, condemnation, jezebel, lust and perversion surfaced.

Beneath the spirits was a soul invader of her father – one of many sources of her childhood torments – and as we commanded the soul invader to leave her soul and depart from her feelings and experiences, the demons screamed “NOOO! We will not leave! NO!” We then separated the soul invader from the demons and therefore weakened them, continued to command the spirits to depart in an intense warfare battle.

This young woman began to thrash around in the chair screaming in a low demonic voice, clearly taken over by demons at this point, yet we persisted and called on the angels of the Lord to release fire and everlasting torments upon various parts of the body that the spirits were attempting to hide in. Amazing – even under such torment, the demons still try to move around and hide within the body. They moved into her head, her brain, in the spine, and lastly attempted to hide inside the blood – but Jesus’ light exposed every hiding place, and the demons left her totally.

Many other soul invaders were found inside of her, including her mother and another person from her past. These soul invaders brought with them some spirits of fear, timidity, phobia and apprehension. These soul invaders themselves were not potentially harmful, but the spirits unearthed behind them were absolutely livid that they were exposed! When we placed the cross of Christ upon the manifested spirits, they shrieked and recoiled in rage and threw her up out of the chair before we enlisted the angels of God to restrain the spirits and torment them until they completely left her.

God had set her free from these evil spirits of torment and affliction – and then ministered healing to her broken heart, renewing her mind in Christ and the power of His peace encompassing her. God also spoke personally to her about some life situations she was going through, and encouraged her. How wonderful is our Lord Jesus? We are honored that Jesus showed up the way He did today. Thank you Jesus!
Blessings in Christ,
Rev. Brett Connell
Lighthouse Inc. Church Deliverance Team