Extreme Soul Invasion; Many Returned to Jesus and People Set Free!

Greetings Lighthouse members,

Amazing! Here in recent days the Lord has been dealing with us concerning soul invasion and the deep importance of uprooting these extra-conscious fragments of others’ souls.

Today we worked on two people that had just such a dilemma. Years of teenage trauma produced a ‘longing for belonging’ which resulted in a deep striving to adopt the characteristics and personalities of others. Unfortunately, these all created soul ties with those people which then transferred soul invaders and even demons from them!

As the anointing increased and we sought the Lord, many soul invaders surfaced within them and as their names were called out, they had to depart and return to Jesus for going back to where they belong. When the Lord directed us to cut off and separate the memories and past experiences of the soul invaders off of the memories and past experiences of the person being worked on, the soul invader become furious and departed with vengeful daggers coming out of his eyes!

I believe that some invaders have a purpose – perhaps a void within them that they are filling by ‘living inside’ of someone else, attaching their soul consciousness to the memories and experiences of others. When this fantasy is disrupted, they become angry and want to act out.

What’s more than that is we encountered ANIMAL INVADERS within them! Actual fragments of pets that had invaded them through soul ties. As we cast out the invading soul parts of the animals (which were cats) the most incredible supernatural thing happened. TWO ACTUAL CATS appeared right outside the front door just sitting there staring at the people being delivered. They wouldn’t move for anything! In fact, they only departed when the deliverance had been completed.

I firmly believe that the truth of soul invasion is deep and real, and that animals are not excluded from soul invasion or transference through soul ties. This topic requires much more investigation and study. Much more to come in the next few weeks!
Blessings in Christ,
Rev. Brett Connell
Lighthouse Inc. Church Deliverance Team