Major Healing and Deliverance: Root Destroyed, Door Closed!

Greetings Lighthouse members,

It has been one miraculous work after another here at The Lighthouse! Many powerful exorcisms are taking place, getting to the deepest roots of bondage.

In a recent session, the Lord guided us to deal with a strong barrier of delusion and deception within an individual. There are many deep and devious ways in which the enemy twists a persons thoughts, understanding, perceptions and behavior. Demon possession affects the mind, will and emotions of a person but also does much more if those spirits are attached to memories, wounds, traumas, pain, and alternate personalities.

Often times a premature confrontation will result in denial, followed by offense and likely turns into retaliation. Only God knows the perfect timing when to confront such things, and God will use the right words in the right moment to penetrate those barriers (when He sees the condition of the HEART is ready to accept and receive).

Sometimes it takes brokenness to bring a person to a place where their heart is willing to receive truth in such a way that the yearning of the heart is greater than the power of the bondage of denial and offense.

Ultimately it is God that brings a person to this place – and we worked on such a person in such a situation. Some of our fellow brothers’ problems were thought to be spiritual – yet spiritual warfare did not avail much victory. The hard truth was, our brothers’ struggle was one of the flesh – derived from a lack of self-discipline. We had to confront our brothers’ motives for sinning and explain that he must first discipline himself and not be blindsided by his spiritual growth.

I had explained to him, “Our spiritual growth is good – but our self-discipline must grow alongside it or else it is out of balance and unhealthy.” I had said that when we focus on spiritual growth and ignore self-discipline, we tend to fall off our high horse and the only thing to land on is the present level of our self-discipline; and that could potentially be a long and hard fall.

Saints, I have been there in that position. Pride will cause you to believe you know more than others, even your leaders and those placed above you – this is a dangerous trap. We must never gauge our status with God based upon how much God uses us or what kind of anointing He gave to us. We have to be more like David – crying out, asking God to search our hearts for hidden secrets that we are not aware of, and even seeking God for cleansing when there is no negative emotions being expressed outwardly (in other words, don’t want until there’s a problem to cry out.)

Many hard truths were being revealed to our brother, and it was very difficult to minister these things to him. The team had tears in our eyes and we felt his pain, the moments he realized he was wrong and was in delusion… his embarrassment and humiliation… it was almost too much to handle, but God is FAITHFUL – and the anointing caused him to receive peace as he confessed and spilled out his heart before God and men – and something amazing took place!

We have an anointed picture of Jesus that God led us to use in sessions, and we placed it before him and the anointing increased so strongly within the room that tears immediately filled everyone’s eyes. Love so thick it was hard to move and even sit down in the chair, and our brother looked into Jesus’ eyes and he began to weep bitterly, pouring out his deepest darkest secrets that he never wanted anyone to know. But with total abandon and surrender he confessed – and in that moment Jesus came and personally took every one of those wounds and pains, and the demons were revolted and left his vessel almost instantly.

The very root, the open door to this entire situation was revealed in the pouring out of his heart! Satan’s dirty little secret came out of the closet, and therefore the pain could be healed and the wound closed, as well as all those vile spirits cast out of him – and then finally the door closed to the enemy. Our Pastor taught us what God had spoken to her, and explained that until we find the original open door (and close it) these spirits would always have a way back in. And if we ask God what that open door is, He will tell us (all of us.)

He walks today as a completely different man – that air and posture of pride has been totally destroyed and lifted from him, all thanks to JESUS and His anointing. It has been a while since I have felt an anointing that powerful in the room to make everyone about burst into tears and strive to move around.

To think, that Jesus Himself would come down and do this thing for one of us – for any of us. Who are we that God Himself would come down to touch us? This is very humbling, and shows how true and strong God’s love really is. I think we should not ever take for granted what God does, nor should we ever get used to these things – because everything God does is a miracle to be cherished. And in all things He is worthy to be praised! Thank you JESUS!
Blessings in Christ,
Rev. Brett Connell
Lighthouse Inc. Church Deliverance Team