Pay very close attention to the dreams and visions that I am giving to you at this given time. They are going to increase and magnify. Do not call upon man made interpreters. These dreams and visions are ones that are not cut and paste. I want you to call upon My Holy Spirit and He will reveal to you what I am showing you and the message that is being sent.

I am speaking in this way because the images that I am giving you will grab your attention and will be there to remind you what I have said. Do not dismiss what I am showing you. Do not take for granted not one dream or vision. Each one plays a piece to the messages that I am giving to you personally and corporately.

Do not try to interpret these dreams based on head knowledge or with your own thoughts and understanding. You must enter into My presence and allow Me to explain them to you and show you exactly what the meanings are.

Many things that I am showing you are warnings, instructions, and promises of what is to take place and what is coming. Be very watchful and do not allow your flesh any lead way in this area. Learn to pull upon what I have for you to use to find out the meanings and My desires with the dreams and visions and what to do with them.

Do not dismiss the dreams and visions of children and little children alike. For this is the time and hour that I am revealing Myself to all ages and sizes. There is no one that I will not use. If I do not find willing vessels to use, I will use whatever is at My disposal. I will use rocks, the walls, the streets themselves to bring forth My messages if necessary. You see My children you need to understand that I am prepared to bring forth the messages of the times and seasons any way I need to so that all things are in order and according to plan.

I desire to use you. Are you truly willing to allow Me to use you in the fullest that I need to? Are you willing to die out to self completely and trust Me with all that you have? Open yourself up to receive the dreams and visions that I am giving you and pay attention to them. Then act accordingly as I direct you and watch the encounters that My children will have and the messages that will come out of this to be shared with the world. Just wait and see. All shall be revealed in due time.