The deep roots of rejection were uprooted by the Spirit of God and much healing ushered in to fill many voids and unfulfilled desires. As it turned out, those unfulfilled desires were literally beacons into the spirit realm for demons to come in and twist and pervert those desires and oppress this young lady with Incubus spirits that would have sex with her at night and torment her relentlessly.

Ungodly desires plagued her mind and kept the doors open for oppressive spirits to weigh her down and cause much havoc in her thought life and prevented her from moving forward in God as she ought.

The Lord Jesus broke the yoke of rejection and healed the deep wounds inside while removing unhealthy alternate personalities from her soul that would cause her to fall into sin and stumble, which in turn reinforced the demonic spirits and gave them strength.

As the rejection was healed and the wounds filled with the love of God, the Lord showed us many curses were spoken over her and witchcraft cords of control attached to her soul. God, in His mercy, cut those cords of demonic influence and control from her family members and broke the atmosphere of witchcraft in her home. God also revealed to her that there were cursed objects in her home that demons could operate through.

The Holy Spirit ministered through the team to this young lady and taught her how to fight to retain her freedom – an important part of deliverance – and equipped and undergirded her to resist the devil and his tactics.

She reported feeling lighter and the pressure left her head and her back – we even prayed for an increase of her faith and boldness in resisting the enemy as she walks with God to learn more from His Spirit.

A babe in Christ was freed from the clutches of the enemy, and many great miracles took place in the spirit realm to tear down the mental strongholds the spirits established in her mind that caused her to believe lies. The Truth of the Word can penetrate and tear asunder these strongholds under the strong anointing of the Lord Jesus and His presence!

All honor and glory goes to God, and we are humbled by His power and His Holiness.