My children, today, I want you to know that things are going to start happening very fast and very abundantly. I have told you and given you My words that things are being birthed. Just as with birth of a child, the time has come to push. It is time to get yourself into the mindset of allowing the birthing to come forth. It is time to prevail and keep pushing your way until you reach the ending of the birthing process.

It is time for the labor pains and the contractions to get stronger and a little harder. This is not the time to give up or allow the enemy to wear you out before the final push of delivery. I am right here with you to help you get through this process of allowing the birth to take place. I am right here holding your hand and coaching you along. You can do this.

It is not the time to be worrying about how long it is going to take. It is time to focus on getting through each stage of the delivery and birthing process in this season that you are in with Me. As these things come to the final pushing stage and the final releasing of the blessings, gifts, anointings, deliverances, or whatever is being birthed into your life, you are going to have to push harder to walk into what I am giving you and allowing it to become a part of your life. It is time to make sure you have fully prepared and are able to take care of what I am giving you.

Just as a child comes into this earth, you have to have certain things in order and provide different things to take care of the baby properly. You have certain things that are necessary to keep the baby healthy and happy. I have been giving you the tools and necessities that you are going to need to be able to take care of what is being given to you now. All you have to do is put these things to work.

Your destinies are being birthed. Your ministries are being birthed. Your full anointings and gifts are being birthed. Your blessings are being birthed. Are you really ready to receive them and use them for their true and full intentions. Are you fully prepared to take care of them and allow them to multiply in your life to the fullness that in Me that they are to be?

Like it or not these things are being birthed. It is time for them to come and to be fully manifested in the natural. I have promised that the labor and work would not be as hard as it has been in the past and this is because as you birth these things out now that I have been growing inside of you, it is going to get your prepared and fully equipped for the new things that I will be growing inside of you. You will be more prepared and more understanding of the process the more that these things come forth and are birthed into your life.

The birthing you are doing now and the labor you are going through now is hard, and it does hurt. You must pull through this, and do not give up pushing until these things come forth. The enemy knows what is going to happen as these things come into fruition, and he knows what damage it will do to him and his plans to bring down My children and to destroy them. He is on a rampage to stop this from happening.

I want you to look at it this away. Think of the enemy as heavy traffic while you are trying to get to the hospital to have a baby. You have two choices. You can either get panicky and make many mistakes and cause yourself a lot of unnecessary stress and cause complications on getting to the place you need to be to have the baby. You could choose to be calm and rational. You could take the route that was planned and know that the traffic may be heavy, but as you stay calm, you will get there safe and sound. You will know that all is well. As you stay calm the labor pains and the contractions are not going to be as bad, and you will not be stressed out or worried.

I have promised to give you My peace, and in My peace you will be able to get through the birthing process easier and with very little labor on the pushing. Some of you still have not entered My peace and are allowing the enemy (heavy traffic) to make things worse than it has to be.

So today, I want you to really get yourself prepared and into My peace. I want you to know you are in the labor stages and the birthing of the things that I have been growing inside of you is coming forth. It is time to push and be ready to nurture the things that I am giving you in your life. Different things are going to take longer for the final push, so do not give up. Keep on allowing the labor to take place and do not get out of My peace once you have enter into it. Allow the joy and happiness to consume you as the birthing takes place and share this with those around you, encouraging them to keep on pushing as well.