Dear Saints,

I am writing to share with you how the messages shared by Rev. Alan have opened my eyes to the depths of what God has been speaking to me in regards to the days ahead.  This conference was called by God, not me.

Rev. Alan shared insights as to what is coming in the days ahead.  If you’ve missed the first two nights of this conference, make sure you attend tonight.  I have now extended the conference for one more service to Sunday morning.  Rev. Christopher will be speaking at both of these times.

You, the Body of Christ, really need to hear what is being spoken by the two prophets.  I have enclosed a copy of a Word that the Lord spoke through Elder Christopher Lynch.  I believe that he really felt God’s heart in regards to this Coming Storm Conference.

Don’t miss what God is doing!  Come out and be blessed! Sit at the Lord’s Table and be fed Fresh Manna from His heavenly throne room.

Evangelist/Pastor Barbara Lynch

Prophetic Word
Date:  12/7/13
Time:  12: 30 Am
Through:  Elder Christopher Lynch
[Special Note:  This prophetic utterance started out as an email to Evangelist/Pastor Barbara Lynch.  The words in {    } were added by Rev. Christopher Gore just for clarity.]
{Elder Chris was sharing his feelings in regards to the low attendance at this the Coming Storm Conference and began to feel the heart of God}
“I know the Lord is both saddened and angered by this {the low attendance} as well.  Many just don’t care to hear this type of message and are far more comfortable with worldly affairs than church, only when things start to change and they will take a drastic change in 2014… will they run to the prophet for a word but none will be given…
Many are in a comfortable state that they don’t want to change or even entertain the thought of a change in the world.  Many in the body of Christ are not walking with God the way they should and this is why it will be so easy for so many to be deceived.  The Lord has said time and time again draw close to Me…  and PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE for what is coming!   But how many actually have yielded completely to this?  From the turnout these past two days I see the answer.”