To: Evangelist Barbara Lynch
Date: December 1, 2013; 3:36 pm

Father, What is the heaviness in The Lighthouse Church? What do I need to do about it?

The heaviness is not of Me. The dragon is on the prowl and he is seeking whom he can devour. My people are on dangerous ground at this given time and they are not seeing the danger signs around about them. They are still coming into My presence with a flippant attitude. They are not coming rejoicing, leaping and dancing. They are so prone to the mundane; and I have not been able to draw them out of this state of stupor.

You ask what is it going to take. I say; it will take drastic measures. Measures that they are going to wish never happened.

Stop and feel the rain! Did I not bring the former and later rain during the Rain Dance Conference? You must understand daughter that this conference was held so an opening could be made for My Glory to come in-in all its fullness.

But My children need to be pumped up and I do not desire that. I desire that they just come and rejoice because that is what is in their hearts.

Some come out of habit and I do not want that. This is a new season and a new dawning. Many changes have already occurred in the Body of Christ. Some see/feel the changes; some do not.

Where is it all going to end you ask? It will end exactly where I want it to end and it will have in it those that are totally and completely sold out to me.

After all, am I not the Way Maker in every situation?

Your job is to just stand still and see the salvation of the Lord at work on your behalf.