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Fe en Medio de las Pruebas – Episodio 9: Tiempos Finales Part One

El resumen de los tiempos finales nos habla de las cosas que van a pasar, la gran tribulacion, la segunda venida de Cristo y las plagas, y el nuevo cielo y tierra que reina con nosotros. Hay versos que explican la enseƱanza..

Being About The Fathers Business – Episode 11 : How Are You Living Your Life?

Probing questions to have you think about your life.

Shining From the Inside Out – Episode 9 : Uncluttering Our Temple

Learn how to unclutter your temple so that you can go deeper in God!

Truth vs. the lie – Episode 9: What in the world?

What in the world is this world? What does the bible say about what we have gotten ourselves into down here? Join Aaron to explore this topic.

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Fe En Medio De Las Pruebas with Rev. Astrid Sheriff

Comenzare hablando sobre mi testimonio y como por fe fue que pude lograr pasar pruebas y la enseƱanza de versos de la biblia para re-enforzar lo que es la fe y sus atributos. Como Dios nos ensena a caminar por fe y no por lo que vemos.

Being About The Father’s Business with Rev. Barbara Allsopp

Join Rev. Barbara Allsopp as she teaches about various subjects such as human trafficking, the dangers of Facebook, getting politically involved, and being loved by God.

Shining From The Inside Out with Rev. Elaine Betts

Grab a snack and join us for a look into just how a young lady who loves Jesus lets His Light shine into an often very confusing world of quickly changing cultures, fashions, and etiquette. The principles learned will never change, and will last through a lifetime of loving Jesus and others. As we allow Jesus to shine in all areas of our lives, the lost will want to know Him too, because they see Him in YOU.

Truth Vs. the lie with Rev. Aaron Betz

Rev. Aaron Betz shares his personal experience of coming out of deception as he was introduced to The Truth, Jesus Christ.

True Meaning Of Worship with Sis. Grace Crescenzo

The meaning of worship in the Bible dictionary is “to love”. God is love, so true worship is to love God. True worship comes from inside of us, from a love relationship with Abba father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. This love relationship will define our walk God. As we go through each session, we will examine all types of worship, all forms of worship, and expressions of worship- through dance, flags and more. We will understand how this foundation of love and process is necessary for true worship.

The Conquer Series Volume II with Rev. Mark Johnson

The statistics of pornography in the global church show that 68% of church goers view pornography on a regular basis. We know that our church is not immune, so we want to train every person so that they are equipped to be able to help other men who are in the midst of this battle.

Women Of Fire And Glory with Rev Barbara Allsopp and Rev. Astrid Sheriff

Rev. Barbara Allsopp and Rev. Astrid Sheriff teach women about embracing the truth of Who Jesus is, the work of the cross, the healing that comes from forgiveness, how to stay in God’s peace and more.

Webinar Teachings with Sis. Elizabeth Cassuto

Join Sis. Elizabeth Cassuto for her Webinar Teachings. Topics include giving hope to those who feel as though love has passed them by, learning how to utilize and know our authority in Christ to fulfill the roles and positions that God has given us, communion with The Holy Spirit, and more!