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Fresh Word – July 16, 2020 (#2)

by Admin

From the rising of the sun to the setting of the same, My Name never changes. I am with you children all along the way and I am doing the impossibles that you need along the way. Different territory requires brand new ideas. I am giving you wisdom day by day to accomplish all that […]

Fresh Word – July 16, 2020

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

For those who don’t trust Me in these days of great turmoil, there will be nothing but confusion and fear.  If you will place your trust in Me and walk with Me, I give you a solemn promise that I will be with you and I will guide you safely in every storm that life […]

Fresh Word – July 12, 2020 (#4)

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Prophetic word from the Sunday evening teaching The Hour Of Resurrection Power I am going to resurrect what has been dead and buried.  You are about ready to receive the surprises of your lives. All and I mean all that I have promised is on its way.  You have been patient and you have been […]

Fresh Word – July 12, 2020 (#3)

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

For every tear you shed one soul is saved.  You are living in a day and time where anything is possible.  You will see many roses bloom and come forth with a sweet-smelling essence – these roses are the souls that others have given up on; but I never give up on one soul.  Every […]

Fresh Word – July 12, 2020 (#2)

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Prophetic word from the Sunday morning sermon Where Do We Go From Here Well Children – where do we go from here?  We are at the very climax of the end of the ages and the return of My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The harvest is dying on the vine because the workers are […]

Fresh Word – July 12, 2020

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Is there justice in the world?  Yes, there is little ones, yes there is.  You must trust Me and understand that I know just how to bring that justice about.  Believe Me when I say it is not as you would hand out justice, for your ways are not My ways. I am all sovereign […]

Fresh Word – July 11, 2020

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

When the world is running around in a frenzy, My children should be at perfect peace and speaking peace to those who do not know Me in all of My Fullness.  Children you are in warfare like never, but did I not give you My Peace – the Peace that surpasses all understanding?  Have I […]

Fresh Word – July 10, 2020

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

When did I ever turn My back on My church?  NEVER, and I am not going to start now. I promised you divine protection and that is what I am giving you.  You need not fear what life has to hold, for I am in life and I have given My solemn promise to lead, […]

Fresh Word – July 7, 2020

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Dearly Beloved Ones I am coming to you in this hour to encourage you in your Faith.  I told you of these trying times before they came upon you.  Now is the time to increase your Faith like never before.  This is the time of Jeremiah 12:5. This is the time that you have to […]

Fresh Word – July 6, 2020

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

The Body of Christ is at a turning point in their lives and they do not understand which way to go.  I have already laid the blueprints out before them.  My Body of Believers must spend time in My Presence, and they must listen very intently to the instructions that I have for them. This […]