The Father’s Heart for His Daughters

A Word from Pastor Barbara Lynch on how our story developed:

Prophecy: Daughters’ of The King – Wednesday, September 5, 2018

“God spoke and told me that His daughters were out there dying because there was nobody to encourage them and lift them up. He placed it upon my heart to start a blog to help His daughters come out of their troubled times and their times of total desperation. The blog was birthed because of the love of The Father for His daughters. He wants them to know they are not alone; they are loved totally and completely; and they are worth something. The Father was weeping when He spoke about this to me and He so desperately wants His daughters to rise to their high calling in Christ. The daughters out there who are selling their bodies because nobody cares enough to tell them about the love and compassion of The Father and that they are truly loved.”

Pastor Barbara Lynch

A Woman of Virtue Becoming the Best You pt. 6 (Segment 3), “Faith to be Loved”

The Lighthouse Inc. Church presents Episode 36 (2019) of Daughters’ of The King. A lot of times throughout our lives we experience rejection, we experience hurt and pain by the hand of someone else and after experiencing it over and over again, you wonder why people cannot see you for who you are and you start to lose hope, you start to lose confidence in yourself and you start lose faith in love. Join Rev. Kathryn as she shares a message about having Faith to be Loved by the Father.

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