God instructed Pastor Barbara to teach the Body of Christ about the Courtrooms in Heaven. After you learn from all of these teachings, you will be an expert in Divine Justice.

Week One
Rev. Aaron Betz
Reclaiming All of Heaven

In this teaching, we get a foundational understanding of what we have access to through Christ: All of Heaven. God speaks of His desires for us to interface with Him and to realize that the heavenly realms are open to us. Included is a mighty move from the Courtroom of Heaven. Receive your freedom and justice now.

Week Two
Rev. Brett Connell

Understanding the Courtrooms of Heaven

The spiritual Courtrooms are an essential part of our prayer life, especially in this season of turning points, newly appointed positions, and a new dispensation of time that God has set in motion. With all new things come new strategies and new methods. God desires that we operate on the cutting edge of His plans and purposes, and part of this new strategy is praying effectively within Heaven’s Courts. Learn what a Heavenly Courtroom is, its functions, and how to utilize God’s Word in your personal lives and the lives of others.

Week Three
Rev. Aaron Betz
The Path to Justice

Rev. Aaron explains that Jesus reacted and responded in certain ways so that He would have the best legal advantage over the enemy by fulfilling the scriptures.

Week Four
Rev. Brett Connell

The Courtroom Scene

In this teaching, Brett Connell exposes the enemy’s weakness as a prosecuting attorney. We we will look at examples from the Bible to learn how satan gathers evidence to use against the Saints of God.

Week Five
Rev. Aaron Betz
Courtroom Action: Contending with God

Rev. Aaron Betz explains the Biblical Courtroom way of contending with God.

Week Six
Reverend Brett Connell
Contending for Wealth

In this Courtroom of Heaven teaching series, you will learn how to contend for the wealth that God gives you the power to get according to Deuteronomy 1:11. Wealth is necessary to build the Kingdom of God on Earth and He wants you to be blessed and prosper for this purpose.

Week Seven
Reverend Brett Connell
Last Resort

The Court of Last Resort is in fact the Supreme Court in Heaven (known as Mount Zion). A supreme court is the highest court in its jurisdiction. It decides the most important issues of constitutional and statutory law and is intended to provide legal clarity and consistency for the lower appellate and trial courts.