By Pastor/Evangelist Barbara Lynch

My son Donald J Trump will reign again as president of the United States. The enemy cannot stop My plans for this nation. He thought he had My son tied up and ready to throw him to the wolves, but not so. He is another Joseph and will feed My people righteousness and long-suffering. My son Donald J trump was raised up for such a time as this. You need to close your ears to the world’s voices and open them to My word for this nation. Line upon line and precept upon precept is occurring right before your very eyes. Here a little, there a little. Much is happening on all fronts; only the righteous will survive this onslaught of lies and degradation. Choose this day whom you will believe and stand your ground no matter what you hear or see. I have spoken, and so it shall come to pass that My man of the hour has proven himself to be steadfast and loyal amid much defilement. Prayers must go up like never before. Hold his arms up. Watch and see what I will accomplish through My son Donald J trump.