Prophecies that occurred during the Sunday morning Worship Service Warriors of the Cross

Word #1

God spoke and said 2021 was the year of the warrior ( that’s going to be our new banner). If you’re a warrior, you’re going to have to know how to fight and God’s been training The Lighthouse how to fight. I’m hoping that each one of you have learned how to fight also because the enemy now is going to be very upset because he knows what God is getting ready to do to tear down his kingdom and he’s mad at you guys. He’s really mad at you guys because he knows that we are the ones that God is going to use to tear down his kingdom. And don’t think he’s going to let you waltz right through his kingdom and knock it down. He’s going to fight you every inch of the way and I’m hearing God say you need to strip him of his authority before he even starts with you.

Word #2

Jesus is coming back again. What we are doing right now in this dispensation of time is we are preparing the way for second coming of Jesus Christ and the enemy does not want Him to come again, and that’s why he has been fighting and that’s why God has been teaching us how to fight him. I’m hearing God say take what you’ve learned and use it against the enemy. Defeat him at every turn.

Word #3

Do you realize God does own you if you really are following Him? He purchased you. You belong to Him. You don’t belong to the devil or to the world the Bible tells you that, right? First Peter 1:18 says for you know that you were redeemed from your empty way of life inherited from your fathers. Not with perishable things like silver or gold but with the precious Blood of Christ like that of a lamb without defect or blemish.

I wish everyone in here believed that I wish you lived it but you don’t; and if you don’t learn to live it, the enemy is going to take your soul. I’m just telling you what I’m hearing God say.

Word #4

This is your hour of redemption guys. This is the hour that God wants to use you to bring in the lost and the dying. I’m hearing God say you portray yourself one way when in reality you’re not what you’re portraying yourself
to be . You want people to think you’re something you’re not. That does not work in God’s kingdom. The Word of God tells us to test their fruit. I don’t care what people try to tell you they are, watch how they live. Watch how they speak, what they do; test the fruit. That’ll let you know exactly what’s going on in a person’s life and you won’t walk around being deceived all the time.

Word #5

Are you ready? Are you really ready to go forward from this second forth never to look back ever again? God said I’m calling you out of tribulation I’m calling you out of the midst of darkness, I’m calling you into the light of My Kingdom to save the lost. Are you ready to be the eagle warrior that God has called you forth to be? If you are, I have a special anointing for you that will strengthen you and your backbone will never grow weak again and your forehead will never grow soft but you will be strong and mighty in Me and you will accomplish the perfect works that I am sending you forth to accomplish. The hour is here to bring in the lost, I’m not waiting another day. I’m not waiting another second. I need you today to go forth and minister for Me.