Prophecies that occurred during the Sunday morning worship service Birth Pangs and Labor Pains

Word #1

God is telling me to tell you quit listening to the mainstream media and start spending that time in His Presence and listen to His voice.

Word #2

Holiness is what God is requiring of you this morning. Total, complete, unadulterated holiness and if you don’t want to walk in that, then God’s finished with you. Totally finished with you. You say that’s harsh, no that’s the truth that’s either going to break or break you it’s either going to take you to hell or to Heaven, one or the other.

Word #3

If you really have the heart of Jesus, you will be crying as you see the people who are lost and undone. People who have sat in the House of God and now they’re going a different direction. Your heart will break.

Word #4

God’s also saying that you people in your households- the ones who are supposed to be leaders, you’re not leaders. You’re destroying your households, and God’s upset with that. He said He’s not going to allow you to lead His people until you learn how to lead your own household.