Prophecies that occurred during the Sunday morning teaching The Call

Word #1

Do not be deceived, I am not mocked. You need to search Me with all of your hearts for the wisdom that you will need for the days that are coming upon you. Not even your president Donald J. Trump knows the full extent of what’s coming upon this land.

Word #2

This next four years is going to be so demonically inclined that the warfare is going to come to a point where you’re going to think you won’t be able to make it. But as you stand your ground in Him you will make it. I am hearing God say you need to reinforce your heart right now this morning to an understanding that you are God’s and that you have all power and all authority and the enemy cannot take you out. And I’m hearing God say it’s imperative that you understand this today. Not tomorrow, not when you’re in the middle of the warfare, but today. To get yourself all prepared to fight this enemy that’s coming upon the scene stronger than what it is now.

Word #3

It doesn’t matter what the sea of confusion is around about you. You don’t have to be involved in that sea of confusion if you’re trusting and have faith in God, because God is not the author of confusion and He doesn’t place us in confusion so when confusion is around you, it’s totally the enemy, and you need to trust and have faith in God that He’s going to destroy that sea of confusion around you so that it won’t be affecting you, alright?

Word #4

Church, you’re at a divine crosssroad. You’re about to make the biggest choice in your life, and God said make sure you make the right choice. He said I sent out My call, are you going to answer? Are you going to sit at My feet and allow Me to bring you through all the diversities that life is going to throw your way? I am a Triune God and I know all things, and I am with you each and every day if you will believe this, and I will hear your voice and I will bring you through as long as you have trust in Me.

And I’m hearing God say deep is calling unto deep this day once again, but deeper than deeper. You see, each time I call, it’s going to be a deeper call than it was the time before. He said this call is transcending all other calls that I have placed out there before you, and when and if you answer this call, it is a very serious call that you are answering and you cannot ever look back.

Word #5

God said He’s working on a timeline right now, and He has to do what He has to do or things won’t turn out the way they need to turn out, and He’s talking about your life, there’s a timeline in your life- if you don’t answer the call when God calls then God can’t go on to the next step

Word #6

God is saying to us as a whole: Children, I leave no stone unturned. I know every aspect of your life. I know every heartbeat. I know every sorrow, and I know every tear. I am with you. I am in the boat with you. I have not left you nor forsaken you. The trials and tribulations are not going to go away, but My peace will surround you. I will hold you hands continually. I never forsake My little ones.

Some of you are going to start having angelic visitations, and the angels are going to come and give you messages, the angels are going to come and show you revelation of what’s going to be happening in your life and in the world. God said He’ll tell you when to reveal what He reveals unto you.