Prophecy through Rev. Aaron Betz

Children, rise up out of your slumber. Rise up out of the ash heap and become that which you are called to be. A victor. A successor. I have left the greater works for you to do. I have left My Body with many new seeds. When I come in My fullness (in My Glory) all shall see these seeds spring forth and sprout. The newness that Spring brings will be seen but the winter months must be totally taken out of you.

Let Me untangle you out of every fetter, every delusion, and every untidy and unclean thing that the enemy has cultivated in you. Many of you have actually become en-grafted in a false identity; into the one I never made you to be.

I am bringing an anointing to bring the real. The real identity. The real you into action, plan, and purpose. As you move (quickly) into this new thing I am doing to take the old away, you will see the new have its place in you first and then {this newness} once it is steady and steadfast in you, I will pour it forth from inside of you into a hungry and parched world.