Greetings Lighthouse Members,

I am writing to you concerning The Lighthouse’s current Wednesday night seminars for Self Deliverance. There will be a shift in our teaching content due to the increasing occurrence of soul invasion within deliverances sessions. This is a threat that has not presently been tapped into in the depth that God desires for us to delve in. Thus, we will begin unearthing and learning the deeper secrets of this phenomena.

This topic will be visited extensively and therefore will be included within the self-deliverance teachings. Our goal is to achieve balance in teaching various topics related to self-deliverance, as well as when to seek a team for deeper deliverance from larger generational spirits that one may not be able to cast out on their own.

Please continue to attend and enjoy our weekly Wednesday night seminar for Self-Deliverance!

In Christ,

Rev. Brett Connell