My children, it is time to stop rocking the boat that you are in. It is time to get in a stable and steady place in Me and not waver any longer. If you rock the boat, you have a much greater chance of the boat tipping over and you falling out of it. It is time for you to understand and respect the boat that you are in to get over to the other side of any circumstance and situation that you are in. In order to have a smoother sailing in the boat you need to understand how to have patience, calmness, peace, and perseverance. You must be able to keep control of yourself in all types of weather and seasons.

There is much self-discipline that is required to have to maintain a secured trip in the boat ride that you are in. You must be able to have your eyes and ears open to be able to receive and have an understanding of what is heading your way and be able to respond with the correct way that I would have you respond in order to keep your boat from tipping and rocking. You must be able to take and receive orders and commands quickly, responsibly, and correctly. You must be able to know how to do this to avoid any unnecessary problems and prevented disasters from happening.

It is required of you to allow Me to be the captain of your boat. It is required that you listen to My orders and commands so that the boat is run the way it needs to be run to get to the other side and prepared for the next boating trip that we take together. I am not saying that it will be a complete smooth sailing with no bad weather or unforeseen water changes. I am saying that with Me as your captain you can get through each and every one of them as you allow Me complete control.

As I talk to you about the boat, I am talking about the situations and periods that I have you in your life right now. Many of you cause yourselves more problems than not. You do this by not walking patience, peace, and calmness that I have told you walk in according to My word. You allow your flesh to step in when things do not go as you figured it should go. You lose your trust in Me. Your patience seems to become very thin, and you act on things too quickly. Many times, My children, this makes the situation very rocky and causes so many more problems than what the course would have brought you.
Instead of you allowing yourself to stay in My calmness and peace, you step out into frustration and anger thinking that something has to be done. At these times, all that is required is for you to be still and allow Me to direct the situation and have the control. If you would just allow patience to be a stronger part in your life, you would see that the weather and problems were clearing. But instead you allow a gust of wind to come in and cause a lot of debris to come in a delay the course.

You need to understand today that you need more patience. You need to allow Me to have full control at all times and in all situations. You need to be persistent in your walk with Me that no matter what your eyes see or how you may feel that you are going to allow Me to have full control. You need to be persistent in walking in the peace and calmness that I have given you knowing that I am not going to fail you. I will fulfill My word and promises to you, but you must stop allowing your patience to run out and cause delays in what I am trying to do.

Today, I want you to allow Me to build up your patience. I want you to allow Me to give you the calmness and peace that I truly do desire for you to walk in, just as My son did. It is time to allow Me to have the full control and not the actual situation or circumstance that you are facing.
If you were in a boat on the water and the storms were raging around you, and you allowed that storm to control you and your boat, you would sink or be tipped over. It is no different than you allowing the circumstances and situations around you to do the same thing. If you allow anger and frustration to control you, it causes you to miss a step and send you off into the wrong direction or cause you to move to quickly and find yourself tipped over into a trap. This is only some of the reasons why you must have patience, calmness, and peace more now than ever. You must also have the persistence to walk in these things and not allow yourself to be taken off course.

There is no more time to allow these things to cause you to make errors and mistakes that can be avoided. You need to make up your mind today to allow Me to be the captain in your life and to stay in the calmness and peace that I have given you. You need to make up your mind that you are going to be persistent in walking in patience as you continue along the course that I have set before you. It is time to let your faith be built completely in Me and know that I do all things for the good of My people and in the right timing.

Today, be determined that you are going to let Me have control and that you are going to allow patience to be a bigger part of your life. Make a determination today that you are going to remain calm and in My peace no matter what it looks like around you. Be determined that you are going to be persistent in obeying all things that I tell you and stay focus on letting Me guide you through all the storms, weather, and seasons that these circumstances and situations takes you through.

Do not allow your boat to be rocked or tipped over anymore. Secure yourself in Me. Make Me your captain today and let go of the control. Allow Me to place in you the unlimited patience that you need. Allow Me to surround you in the peace and calmness that I have for you to walk in each and every day. You will see faster results and less of a mess as you do these things.