Thanks for joining us on our live stream!

For All Service times:

Our Sunday Morning Service starts at 11:00 am. Our Sunday Evening Service starts at 7: 00 pm, and our Wednesday Evening service starts at 7: 00 pm. Due to Copyright laws, the audio will be cut off during praise & worship. You can watch the video’s and praise with the lyrics on your screen. The audio will be turned back as soon as Praise & Worship service is over.

Sometimes the song service will run as scheduled and then the livestream of the sermon will start. When God moves then we will start the livestream broadcast early. We never know when this is going to happen but wanted to give you a “heads up” so you can be aware of what is going on.

Please be aware that we never know when God is going to completely take over. This is just a reminder that while the plan for the “Live Stream” to start at a projected time, if the Spirit moves and asks us to extend Praise & Worship we will do so. We will honor the Holy Spirit because this is what God wants us to do. This will translate into a delay in the “Live Stream”.

****If you would like a prophetic word when the Lord moves this way, please text (302) 257-6265 during the service.****




The Lighthouse Inc., Church Livestream

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To listen to our services live over the phone, dial 1 (716) 427-1157 and enter access code 896060# 

Audio Conference Line Help

Thanks for staying connected to the Lighthouse Inc., Church via this audio conference line. Thanks for sending in your tithes and offerings through our texting app. Your faithfulness to God keeps His work going.

Should you run into an issue and cannot get connected, please text (302) 257-6265 and we will help you get connected.

Live Stream Help:

It has come to our attention that some are having difficulty with connecting to the live stream.

In an effort to provide a positive live streaming experience for all users, we have adjusted some internal settings to accommodate users with less than favorable connection qualities and signal strengths. These adjustments will greatly reduce lagging, skipping, or other unfavorable streaming issues.

The live stream is unlike a Youtube video, which can be buffered and downloaded “ahead of time” as it plays. Generally, live streams require the viewers to have strong connections and larger bandwidth to play smoothly as it is “live” especially on higher quality settings.

Facebook will try to automatically play the stream at the highest quality setting – which also invites streaming quality issues if the viewer’s network doesn’t meet suggested requirements.

This setting can be adjusted on the Facebook live stream video by clicking the gear near the bottom of the video and adjusting the quality from “Auto” to something less intensive.

With our newly implemented adjustments, you shouldn’t have to do anything on your end. Our stream is now geared towards our average viewers network conditions. We hope you continue to enjoy the live streams of our services and our commitment to the community.

The live stream will start as soon as the message begins

Different web browsers connect differently and have different settings that are beyond our control. If you lose signal during the stream, refresh your web browser.

The website has been updated with a link on the front page to carry you to the live stream and to carry you to a link for archived messages.

If you are unable to connect please text (302) 257-6265 and we will help you get connected.