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Fresh Word – January 6, 2021

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Father what is going on in the election? Just you wait little one, all will see the truth.  Much darkness in the atmosphere and much confusion. Lying spirits lie in wait just ready to pounce.  Praying is still in effect.  Fasting will secure the lock. Children hold your ground.  Do not give into the enemy’s […]

Special Word – January 6, 2021

by Admin

Prophecy through Sis. Julie Betz Blasphemy, mockery, these people come against all that I AM.  Truth, Justice, is who I AM and it shall be from Me. I shall loose My Spirit of Justice upon this land.  Whoa to those who call yourself just, for you will receive My Justice of Truth.  Not the lies […]

Fresh Word – September 20, 2020 (#3)

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

This month will require much discernment.  Many false prophets have arisen upon the scene prophesying what is not of Me.  Know who you are in Me and continue on the road that I have placed your feet upon.  You will see miracles but you will also see great storms during this month.  Do not stray […]

Respect In A Marriage

by Nancy Connell

In the world today you will find that respect is not something commonly practiced anymore. There are not many people who teach their children how to respect. The world today is very self-focused with a ‘self-achiever, successor, and crush anyone in the way’ mentality. This has greatly flowed into marriage relationships. Respect can be a […]

Fresh Word – April 19, 2020 (#3)

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

My children of Love I am calling you forth this day to spread that Love abroad to a lost and dying nation.  Many out there have never received Love and they do not know it exists.  I want you to gird up your loins with your most Holy Faith and I want you to go […]