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Special Word – Compromise

by Admin

By Rev. Aaron Betz Compromise Children there is so much compromise in My houses of worship. I am looking at the little things. Why don’t you trust Me that I know what to do with you? Why do you get caught up in the little things? Why do you want things your way? I desire […]

Fresh Word – July 9, 2021

by Pastor Barbara

President Donald J Trump will take back the Oval Office, and you will see much upheaval all across the land.  The enemy will be walking high tide, and he will be furious.  He will not quit; he will continue until the church shows him they will not stop.  Just as My Son Jesus did in […]

Fresh Word – April 20, 2019

by Pastor Barbara

Forever faithful!  I am forever faithful to My true followers. Not everyone who speaks My name is a true follower of The Cross.  There is a mixture in My churches all across this land and that mixture must be weeded out.  I am about My business of weeding out the tares in those churches who […]