The Blood – Barbara Allsopp & Astrid Sherriff

Are you taking communion and referencing to the blood of Jesus in your life without true understanding and application of it in your life? This webinar is meant to give you that understanding so that you can consciously apply the benefits of the blood of Jesus in your life as He intended. The Father loves you desperately!

Signs, Wonders and Miracles Part 2 – Elizabeth Cassutto

Understanding God’s timing: biblical feast set to release the anointing and the necessity of mercy and compassion required to move in God’s anointing.

Vessels of Honor – Barbara Allsopp & Astrid Sherriff

“What kind of vessel are you? Are you one of honor or dishonor? Are you gold, silver, wood, or earthenware? Watch this webinar and see if you are a vessel that is fit for the Father’s use or how you can be that vessel He desires. Let’s be our best for Him. He loves us desperately!”

I’m Calling You – Barbara Allsopp & Astrid Sherriff

This webinar is a message brought to you by your Father in heaven. The Father is calling out to all people to come to Him. He loves you desperately no matter what you have done in no way, shape, or form. You have been lied to about Him and that He doesn’t love you. Come and receive His love and His message to you. He loves you desperately!

Signs, Wonders and Miracles – Elizabeth Cassutto

The Lord is ready to bless His people NOW! This is the season of the harvest and the year of plenty – for those who have sown into the Kingdom are ready to reap a bountiful return.

Whose Voice Are You Listening To – Barbara Allsopp & Astrid Sherriff

There are many voices out there. The voice you choose to follow will either benefit you or destroy you. Only His voice benefits you and brings life while the voice of the enemy or your mind brings death. Choose you this day whose voice you will follow.

Staying in His Peace – Barbara Allsopp & Astrid Sherriff

This teaching gives the viewer some practical pointers and understanding for staying in His perfect peace. This is His desire for you. Be determined to pursue His peace and you will be amazed.

The Glory Realm: Tools to Unblock the Glory Realm – Elizabeth Cassutto

Learn how to enter in to the Glory Realm and operate within its capacity while taking steps to remove hindrances and stumbling blocks that allow us to enter in to God’s fullness.

Manipulation – Barbara Allsopp & Astrid Sherriff

In this webinar the Father exposes areas and teachings people use to manipulate others for their advantage. As you view the webinar you will be able to identify areas where you have been manipulated.

Distractions – Barbara Allsopp & Astrid Sherriff

Exposing the distractions in people’s lives and helping them get back on track with the plan the Father has given them.

Overcoming All Obstacles – Elizabeth Cassutto

Find out who we are in relation to God and how His Glory is reflected back on us.

The Kingdom Of God – Barbara Allsopp & Astrid Sherriff

This webinar defines the Kingdom of God via the dictionary and the Word of God. Viewer receives a clear picture of their role and responsibility as a member of the Kingdom of God and maintaining that status as outlined in the Word of God. Examples of the manifestation of the Kingdom of God on the earth and the King’s expectations are discussed.

Preparing To Rule And Reign In His Kingdom – Elizabeth Cassutto

In this webinar you will learn how to reign in the position of authority that Christ has given you, in contrast to battling for victory. Once the battle is fought, and won through Christ, we must learn how to utilize and know our authority in Christ to fulfill the roles and positions that God has given us.

Truth – Barbara Allsopp & Astrid Sherriff

In this webinar, we take a look at truth in our society and also in the Word of God. We review how our society has declined since the Word of God has been taken out of the public schools. We all need to ask ourselves how much do we want the truth rather than lies. Are we comfortable with deception? Real truth is in God’s Word.

Your Father’s Love – Barbara Allsopp & Astrid Sherriff

Your Father’s Love webinar is a love message directly from the Father in His own words telling His people how much He loves them. He encourages the prodigals to come back to Him and also the ones whose love has grown cold toward Him. We are humbled and honored by His presence and message to us in this webinar. We love You Father!

Occupy Till I Come – Elizabeth Cassutto

Our high commander Jesus Christ has equipped His soldiers, His saints, for a sovereign and glorious battle victory against the forces of darkness in these end-times. This webinar will focus on the words of our leader and king, the Lord Jesus, to be fully equipped for a total victory in His name.

Perception – Barbara Allsopp & Astrid Sherriff

This teaching focuses on how our perceptions affect what we feel and how we view others – and how the enemy can twist and distort our senses to perceive things that are not the truth. Learn how to achieve correct perception through Christ and obtain healing from distorted perceptions.

Deception – Sis Barbara Allsopp & Astrid Sherriff

This webinar discusses deception in our lives and also what the Father says in His word about deception. The viewer will be able to identify deception in their lives and be set free.

Forgiveness Is A Key To Your Healing – Barbara Allsopp & Astrid Sherriff

In this webinar we take a look at the major part forgiveness and unforgiveness play in our physical healing of our bodies. We also discuss the part it plays in receiving from the Father in other areas of our lives. The choice we make determines which result we will receive. The scriptures clearly state the importance of forgiveness. It is the core belief in the Gospel.

Advancing His Kingdom By Decreasing Ours – Elizabeth Cassutto

Advancing His Kingdom by decreasing ours. The secret to going up to heaven’s best is found in John 3: 30. “We must decrease so Christ may increase.” The Apostle Paul learned that secret well: More of Him, less of me. Today’s webinar will focus on a few practical and simple-to-understand ways to do just that in our everyday life.

Freedom From Sickness In Our Bodies – Barbara Allsopp & Astrid Sherriff

In this webinar we are building on the foundation of Jesus’ death and resurrection and are beginning to take a look at the benefits of the Cross. We are discussing the scriptures relative to healing in our physical bodies. We also expose various beliefs that may block our healing. We share our own testimonies of healing in our lives. As those beliefs are exposed, we pray with the participants for their healing.

Who Is Jesus Part 2 – Barbara Allsopp & Astrid Sherriff

This webinar will recap points made in Part 1 and go deeper on those points of foundation and who Jesus is as well as the benefits of the Cross. The objective is to lay a foundation based on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in order to establish the believer’s right to be freed from captivity.

Staying Free From Shame Offense And Condemnation: Swimming In The Love Of Our Lord & Messiah 24/7 – Elizabeth Cassutto

This webinar focuses on “how to work with The person of The Holy Spirit and our King Jesus, directed by Our Father’s bountiful love for us, to settle our spirits, our thoughts and our emotions, so we can KNOW HIM, THEREBY ENTERING HIS REST. The end-time church must overcome one the last great battle: The mind. In swimming in His overflowing love and peace (despite circumstances), we will have His power, His armor, His Word, to defeat every for, especially shame, offense and condemnation. This is the heritage of the saints, and it is ours to walk in

Who Is Jesus – Barbara Allsopp & Astrid Sherriff

The teaching for this webinar began to set a foundation for Who Is Jesus.  In order for women to become the women of fire and glory the Father desires and to be released from captivity, the Father wants His women to embrace this completely so that they could be set free from those things that are holding them captive. In this they can identify the truth and dispel lies that they have believed.

Generational Curses – Rev Christopher Gore & Rev Alan Farkas

We are going to define what is a generational curse. We are going to illustrate that curses are a biblical concept and curses still are at work today in the life of a believer. You cannot walk around in deception that curses cannot affect you because they do. Generational curses can be used against you and stop you from moving in the plan of God for your life. We will illustrate that curses do manifest after years of lying dormant.

We will discuss how generational curses can lie dormant on the inside of a person and after a person receives salvation generational curses will spring up and stop you from receiving the purpose of God. But they don’t have to stop you. Generational curses can be identified, rooted out and destroyed with the anointing of God. We will be giving you several examples from cases we have worked on that we have seen generational curses which became active and almost destroyed the persons life. But the Holy Spirit exposed the curse and revealed the demons behind it and through and exorcism the curses were removed and destroyed in the persons life.


Cherished By God The True Lover Of Your Soul – Elizabeth Cassutto

Sis. Cassutto has a message the Lord has birthed in her heart for lonely and broken hearts.This message is not just for widows but it is for the divorced, the unmarried, the unhappily yoked married, and many who have been shattered and broken by years of loneliness and pain. Sis. Cassutto has a heart for widows, orphans, and all who feel like love has passed them by. Her message is one of hope and even overcoming joy when the Lord visits your soul with His glory, and takes over. She will deal with the root issue that will bring your destiny for your life flooding to the forefront. When this need is filled, there is an explosion of God’s power in the earth. (or should I say Holy Spirit wants to show up with signs and wonders and display our Abba Father’s ‘show and tell’). The teaching will be brought from the Biblical story centered around Ruth and Boaz.