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Unchartered Waters


With all the darkness coming across the land, we need to press into God like never before. If you or someone you know needs a wake up call, this is the message for you. Evangelist Barbara Lynch delivers a prophetic word from God along with instruction of how to be obedient to what He is […]

Flawless Anointing


Do you want to know how to be used by God to set others free? It takes a flawless anointing. God gives a prophetic word through Evangelist Barbara Lynch to convict His Body of Believers so that they can walk in not a mediocre anointing- but a flawless one.

Your Desert Places Are No More


God is bringing the provision to His people through a deluge of His rushing river. God is moving now to restore and replenish everything that has been dry and barren in our lives. God is watering our dreams and blessings. Our desert shall be no more!

2020 The Year Of Fullness Of Blessings


This is the time for us to no longer give into busy-ness or strife, but to allow God to cause us to walk out our blessings! Don’t let the devil steal your blessing- as you listen to this message, you will be empowered with wisdom and discernment on how to stay blessed!

The Hour Of Resurrection Power


“The hour of resurrection has surely taken you over and old things have passed away and all things are brand new and you shall walk out this newness of life with {total} power and authority from on high.” Receive this brilliant message of new life and miracle working power. This teaching is chock full of […]

Where Do We Go From Here?


With all that has transpired in this year 2020, do you feel like you are at a crossroads? Well, good news- along comes God with a prophetic message based sermon through Evangelist Barbara Lynch. Learn what to do about the confusion in the world that has now overtaken much of the church. Invite the Holy […]

Eye Of The Eagle


Evangelist Barbara Lynch teaches us how important it is to have a pure mind. In the book of Exodus, the Israelites took a square golden mitre, wrote on it “Holy to the Lord”, and put it over the forehead of the priest. In this teaching you will find out what this gold represents. You will […]

Marriage Supper Of The Lamb

God has invited us to His wedding supper in the Heavenly realms. It is crucial for us to come to this place, because as Psalm 2:1 says the nations “rage and plot in vain” because people don’t know God and understand that there is a place to find rest and peace. We as God’s children […]

Where Are You


Rev. Barbara Allsopp delivers a message based around Genesis 3:9 When God asked Adam “Where are you?”. Find out how important it is for God to be able to “find you” as the events in the world get darker and darker.

Working Toward The End Of All Things


in Matthew 24 and Luke 17, the Lord Jesus Christ gave us a clear warning and indication of what this world would be like near the time of His second coming. The current state of this nation bears witness to these warnings. The Spirit of God wants us to not fall victim to the foolish […]