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The Path To Justice


Rev. Aaron explains that Jesus reacted and responded in certain ways so that He would have the best legal advantage over the enemy by fulfilling the scriptures.

Understanding the Courtrooms of Heaven


The spiritual Courtrooms are an essential part of our prayer life, especially in this season of turning points, newly appointed positions, and a new dispensation of time that God has set in motion. With all new things come new strategies and new methods. God desires that we operate on the cutting edge of His plans […]

Houses of Refuge

God wants His servants to be strengthened to come forth in this hour. What is there in your life that can be holding you back from being fortified in the Lord? Listen and find out.

Overcoming Condemnation


Rev. Aaron Betz shares fresh revelation about how to overcome condemnation by recognizing it in our flesh. Included in this teaching are brand new insights into the Courtroom of Heaven and the Courtroom of Hell.