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Lover Of My Soul

God needs Children that will walk in everlasting faithfulness, that will never turn their heart to another. This is based on our love for God. God pours His Love into us in a message that will win your heart.

The Call

There is a mighty move of God’s Spirit coming like the world has not seen. Evangelist Barbara Lynch gives a prophetic word which explains what this is truly about including a warning about the darkness that is arrayed against the church. The call has gone forth. Will you answer the call this day and not […]

America Under Judgement


There is a widespread deception in the church that God is not judging America. Rev. Brett Connell shows in scripture, and even more shockingly through recent events that this could not be farther for the truth; this nation desperately needs to repent. The book of Revelation is guaranteed to happen, but we do not need […]

Who Do Prophets Seem Unloving?


Learn what the Bible truly says about prophets. Evangelist Barbara Lynch shows us in the Bible what it really means to be a mouthpiece of the Most High God. Also included in this teaching are priceless examples of what God has used her to do as a prophet.

The Eyes Of God


The Bible says that God’s eyes are upon us, and that He will counsel us. (Psalm 32:8) This means that as God teaches us, He will examine our hearts and test our minds according to what we learn and know. Rev. Brett Connell gives deep insight into the humility, peace, wisdom , discernment, and ability […]

Heavenly Portals


Pastor Barbara Lynch teaches about supernatural portals. There are portals to Heaven, and there are portals to the demonic. Listen and learn about the need to destroy the ungodly portals and allow God to open your spiritual eyes to His open Heavens. Also, check out the prophetic words spoken during this message by clicking here.

The Great Return


The Father is calling the prodigals back into His houses of worship! God speaks in a prophetic word through Evangelist Barbara Lynch. God gives us understanding into the torments that satan has used against His lost sheep. Will you step up so God can use you?

Time is Marching On…


There is alot going on in the world today. During all of this chaos, the best thing that the Body of Christ can do is to focus on what God is doing and saying. This teaching includes a prophetic word from God that reminds us of what God’s intentions are for this world. Allow the […]

Heaven Coming To Earth


The Body of Christ is like Jacob who did not know angels were around him until God showed him. God wants us to open up our spiritman to receive from Heaven as it comes to earth. Listen to this teaching and receive from Heaven, including an anointing to see angels!