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A Time and a Season


As we stay connected to Jesus, all lost souls will be drawn to our light. Listen as Evangelist Barbara Lynch delivers a prophetic sermon and teaches us what it means to abide in Christ continually.

Spiritual Gifts


In this prophetic sermon, God touched us in a deep and powerful way: “I want to fall upon you and give you the gift of being changed totally and completely- never to go back into your past nor your old sin nature. With this gift comes forever obedience to all that I call you to […]

Knit Together


In this prophetic sermon we learn the truth about how God wonderfully formed us and then knitted us together with Him. He has weaved a wonderful tapestry of Himself within our very being. Nothing can come between us and this truth.

Brotherly Love


Rev. Christopher Gore teaches us about how the lack of true love is a breeding ground for deception not just in the world but also in the Body Of Christ.

Infirmity of the Mind


Evangelist Barbara Lynch teaches us that the only place to get a stable fixed mind is in the Word of God. We must take the initiative and force the mind to dwell on the Bible and what it says – instead of allowing the mind to run to evil, gossip, problems, or others.



God is bringing His children under investigation- so that the enemy will have nothing in us! In this prophetic sermon God speaks through Evangelist Barbara Lynch and gives us warning that He is shining His interrogation light on us to point out our blemishes so that we can repent and not be disqualified down the […]