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Enter In

In this prophetic sermon through Evangelist Barbara Lynch, God invites us to enter into the fullness of time which means that He longer wants us to fear that we have missed Him, but be confident that He has purged out of us ing that would come between us and Him.

Heavenly Warfare


The battle of light and darkness is on the scene and the enemy has assigned his agents to fight against God’s true warriors. Listen to this Word from the Father containing deep revelation about how to battle at this moment.

Resurrection Sunday


On Resurrection Sunday, God is all about souls. As Pastor Barbara delivers a prophetic sermon, God tells His church that now is the time that He has placed the Harvest of Souls into our hands.

Good Friday


Good Friday means the beginning of change. Good Friday provides the opportunity to proclaim that because of the Cross, everything changes. Stumbling blocks and foolishness turn into power and wisdom. The Cross changes everything.

Forging Forward


Ezekiel 1:12 says “And each went straight forward; wherever the Spirit was about to go, they would go, without turning as they went.” This day we are forging forward into a brand-new dispensation of time.  What worked in the past era will not work in this era because of the nature of the work that […]

Palm Sunday PM


In this Palm Sunday teaching, the emphasis is placed on the miracle of Passover, including a personal invitation from God to see how Passover applies to us personally. The service concludes with a prophetic word, and anointed words of prophecy with the power to break every yoke over your life.

Palm Sunday AM


On the first Palm Sunday, Jesus rode into the city with the people shouting praises and praising God for all the wonderful miracles they had seen. The following Friday, they are shouting “Give us Barabas, we want him, crucify Jesus! Crucify Him!” Listen to this sermon to find out what happened to cause this change […]



Passover marks the celebration of what God did to bring His people out of bondage and it begins Saturday March 27, 2021 and ends on Sunday April 4, 2021. Passover refers to the time when the death angel passed over the Nation of Egypt and slew all the first born of everything that lived in […]

Holy Spirit


John 16:13 tell us that the Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth. In this prophetic sermon Evangelist Barbara Lynch explains how we have no power or direction unless we yield to God’s Holy Spirit and receive from Him.



There is such a uniqueness in humility that the church has not yet grasped. Evangelist Barbara Lynch gives a prophetic sermon in which God speaks to His people and delivers unto them the understanding of the power of humility.