Jesus Visits Hades (Part 1) – Rev. Christopher Gore

This is part one of a two part series in which you will learn about Jesus journey into Hades. This teaching will show the importance of understanding that without God’s wisdom you will not be able to perform exorcisms for God. This teaching will show how important it is to flow in the Spirit. This teaching will tie together our understanding of Hades with what Jesus did when he died on the cross. Because of what we have learned about Hades, we will get an understanding of Hades in relation to how the truth has been hidden regarding the place of departed souls. We will see that Jesus when He died on the cross went through Hades and visited both sections. The place where the Righteous were and the place where the Unrighteous were.

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Reasons For Hindered Deliverance – Rev. Brett Connell

In this teaching we will be giving reasons for why deliverance can be hindered and people are not totally set free when God intended for them to be free. In this teaching we will learn about how to balance our lives and live according to God’s Holy standards.

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Hell – The Deception Surrounding This Place – Rev. Christopher Gore

This teaching will instruct you on the little taught Biblical truth that Hell exists. Hell is what God intended to use to punish the angels who rebelled from God. Exorcism ministers should understand what the real purpose for hell is. This should be used as a teaching tool to encourage those who are going through exorcism to live a life free from sin. We discuss how Hell is used as a place of separation from God and how the demons that are laying dormant in people are tied directly to Hell. Because they are tied directly to Hell there are many people who are dying prior to get set free who are chained to Hell. We discuss how exorcism identifies places where people are held captive in Hell and it the person’s deception that keeps them looked into Hell. We discuss the importance of living in the truth of the Gospel. One cannot live in falsehood or in fake realities to do so in tantamount to walking in unbelief and because of this, it is on the same level as gluttony, prostitution, drug addiction, etc. It gains you a seat in Hell.

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Soul Invaders – Rev. Brett Connell

We are going to touch base on a new occurrence we have been encountering in exorcisms. This is something that has brought a new level of revelation to assist in setting captives free. It has also served to inform us of the many dangers that exist spiritually that allow fragments of other people’s souls to invade us. We will discuss what these soul invaders do, how they operate, how to remove them and protect ourselves from future invasions.

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