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Extreme African Witchcraft, Soul Invaders in Multiple Layers!

by Brett Connell

Greetings Lighthouse Members, What an interesting week we have had with deliverance and exorcisms! Earlier in the week we worked on a young lady that was freed from spirits of fear and confusion. These spirits lodged themselves into trauma and pain, spreading their roots deeper into her soul. A grave situation unfolded in her life […]

Spirits of Death and Soul Invaders Removed

by Brett Connell

Greetings Lighthouse Members, I want to share another awesome experience that God has blessed us with in the freedom and deliverance of another soul! A young lady has been coming in seeking freedom – and God has been faithful in supplying His liberation to the captives. This week, many deeper spirits surfaced and were removed. […]

New Age Witchcraft and Satanic Strategies Defeated!

by Brett Connell

New Age Witchcraft and Satanic Strategies Defeated! Greetings Lighthouse Members, What an amazing session we had today, by the grace and mercies of our Lord Jesus. We worked on a young lady today that suffered much cloudiness and confusion – a lot of hindrance and oppression in her atmosphere. Having recently been freed from deep […]

Total Resurrection of Woman’s Life – Full Body Physical Healing!

by Brett Connell

Greetings Lighthouse Members, We have just witnessed the biggest resurrection that I have seen in years, as Jesus literally lifted this precious woman out of the tombs of despair and defeat. Her ministry was going strong, many were being healed by Jesus and things were going well until the level of satanic witchcraft had peaked […]

Hundreds Of Heart Parts In Slavery To Mindsets

by Brett Connell

Hundreds of Heart Parts in Slavery to Mindsets! Demons React Violently to the Love of God Greetings Lighthouse members, I am so excited and filled with anticipation as I write this to you, dear saints! Today we witnessed a power show of God’s love drive demons into absolute utter torment! In one of our earlier […]

Incredible Manifestations – Deeply Rooted Demons Destroyed by Jesus

by Brett Connell

Incredible Manifestations, Deeply Rooted Demons Destroyed by Jesus! Greetings Lighthouse members, I can’t wait to tell you about how wonderful our Jesus is today! A young woman came to us seeking deliverance and healing, as she was struggling with some depression and lethargy. When she came in to the exorcism session, she began to tell […]

Extreme Soul Invasion – Many Returned To Jesus And People Set Free

by Admin

Extreme Soul Invasion; Many Returned to Jesus and People Set Free! Greetings Lighthouse members, Amazing! Here in recent days the Lord has been dealing with us concerning soul invasion and the deep importance of uprooting these extra-conscious fragments of others’ souls. Today we worked on two people that had just such a dilemma. Years of […]

Jesus Shows Up In Session – Deeper Miracles and Soul Invaders

by Admin

Jesus Shows Up In Session, Deeper Miracles and Soul Invaders! Greetings Lighthouse members, One of the most memorable sessions we had this week was a lady who came to us because she knew there was some type of oppression around her that she could not pinpoint, and despite her warfare it never seemed to lift. […]

Jesus Delivers Man from Sexual Bondage

by Admin
Holy Spirit Led Deliverance Ministry in Delaware

Jesus Delivers Man from Sexual Bondage, Reveals Hidden Memories To Unlock Healing! Greetings Lighthouse members, What a powerful testimony we have this week! There have been quite a few cases of people seeking deliverance and exorcism from out of state, some have come even as far as the Pacific Coast to sit under the anointing […]