Oh America Us- Oh, Say – Can you See (the signs)
The news of September 13, 1812:
From Baltimore, Maryland
“U.S. soldiers at Baltimore’s Fort McHenry withstood some 25 hours of British bombardment. Early the next morning, they hoisted a gigantic U.S. flag over the fort, marking a crucial victory and a turning point in what would be considered a second war of American independence.”
The news of March 26, 2024:
from Baltimore, Maryland
“A cargo ship plowed into the pylon of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore today, March 26, 2024, in the very early hours of the day.”
“And all of a sudden, it’s just gone”…was what a reporter penned, as he heard a woman state while staring at the site.
Maryland, recognized as the free state in 1864, has a long and noble history, which included abolishing slavery. Most of my generation remembers learning in school about the events of Ft. McHenry, when Marylanders defended the harbor and port, courageously, against the British forces. The Revolutionary War forged brave Constitutionally aware patriots. Two centuries ago, it was not uncommon to hear church bells ringing, flags being flown, across Maryland and 17 other states.
 I was drawn to refresh myself on our American history today:
●The Francis Scott Key Bridge, was named after the lawyer/poet who penned ‘The Star Spangled Banner‘ after Francis Scott Key wrote “The Star Spangled Banner” and its initial verse, on the back side of a letter while watching the large American flag waving over the Fort that morning.
●The original draft of the Star Bangled Banner is in the pdf above. Double click the link to open
●There were only 18 U.S. States in 1812 – but the brave young Americans were ready to defend her with their own lives. What would these soldiers say of America today? There are still brave ones in America who defend her with their prayers, their work, their words, or in uniform. We salute you brave ones. Your reward awaits in heaven.
   The brave ones have suffered the disdain, lies, loss, and more, from the weak and cowardly. Many who heap upon themselves great fortunes and power wont get a storage van to cart it to eternity – no U-hauls going into hell. If only many would wake-up, repent, and turn to Jesus while they can. History will reveal the noble and brave, into eternity. Continue to pray many will wake-up.
   Whether brave, noble and merciful, or a coward, crook, or corrupt, our curriculum vitae will follow our name into eternity. Our actions and choices carry over into eternity; there’s no fake news in heaven. Only real facts recorded by real angels.
● When in 1812, Fort McHenry withstood some 25 hours of British bombardment, as the sun came up the next morning, a gigantic U.S. flag was wavint over the fort. This monumental event in our history, a noble victory, is noted by historians as the second war of American independence.  Today, patriots like this, would not be honored, but vilified, by lying tongues. 
  I know that cows don’t need to wear masks. I know that God gave us lungs to breathe in and breathe out air. I know God gave me an immune system and it worked quite well through my whole childhood. I played outside in the dirt, was stung by bees, are real food cooked by a real Mom. I survived plenty of skinned knees from my Schwinn bikes flying down the hills. My Immune system worked just fine, thank you. Still does. And I know that only 3% of the planet’s atmosphere is actually carbon dioxide.
The real crisis isn’t the climate – it’s gross sin and antichrist agendas at work. See, I still have real paper history books. There’s no AI in there, no algorithms to offset real history. True facts. True history. True life experiences. True Word of God. The difference is His light swallows the lies of all darkness. His Light is truth. The rest is a bold lie.
●When in August 1815, British troops invaded Washington, D.C. and set fire to the White House, the Capitol and other government buildings. The Royal Navy (Britian) then trained its sights on the key seaport of Baltimore, Maryland. Our enemies know the significance of the words Francis Scott Key penned- even if we forgot. They represent freedom and liberty. That’s their target.
  There is a holy fire – a wake-up to the souls of our nation that’s been lit. I’ve taken notice, from Israel’s history, to the history of empires, God will use bad actors and rogue nations to strike the first match. This is proven through bible history. It would seem the spirit of the Lord who works with nations  (much the way a parent deals with the wild rebellion of a first-birn child), is setting some marked parameters and boundaries for this country to address. And, in other countries.
  If we don’t address the spiritual weakness that has created a pale of passivity and indifference across our nation, our shores and land, we shouldn’t be shocked at the attacks ahead. There is no getting around this: God is blasting the trumpet one last time to wake-up the giant. Will we listen?  I hope so. I pray so. I weep so.
  Our blessings, prosperity and abundance have produced a false sense of peace and continuity. We cannot insulate ourselves any longer from the evil agendas and  nefarious manipulations against freedom and liberty. Our only shield, our only protection, is the hand of God. We will either turn back to Him wholly, or be destroyed. There is no middle road. You are either on the ‘Right’ of God, or the ‘Left’.  God won’t choose for you. He gave us all freedom and liberty in Christ
No corrupt rulings in heaven – only justice. 
  The fire that heaven is setting is not that He wants to destroy ys, He wants us to repent and live. [If God wanted to wipe us out – just one of His spitballs would implode the planet]. How do I know this? He spoke the sun into existance]. Just think about that. The sun!
  If America, or any nation, is captured, taken prisoner (within or without), it’s not that they were not warned over and over. God warns and pleads until the very last second. Our enemies have crashed the gates of the border- they have crashed the bridges on the ports. What other sign is needed, Jonah?  Signs are God’s whistles to get our attention. I can hear them in my heart.
  When Israel was carried off into Babylon, the real enemy of Israel was in power long before the physical enemies took siege. In elementary school, I learned Rome was conquered because she fell from within. Let that be our lesson America. In author Eric Metaxis book, now documentary ‘Letter to the American Church’ he is sounding an alarm for the Church to speak-up in the face of evil, that is destroying life – from womb to tomb in this nation. He is one of a growing number of truth-tellers courageously sounding an alarm.
  Even as Rome fell from within, America’s growing passivity to true justice, spritual lethargy and absence of moral restraints, is tarnishing our former glory and once bright light. Once a nation lets its guards down, she is easy prey – a sitting duck – to all of her enemies. Our guard must be turning away from laws and adherence to wicked overreach, and coming back to moral sanity.
  You can expect it – the media and news outlets will pundit on this disaster [the Bridge collapse] faster than a washing machine on the spin cycle. Yet – my news source is the Word of God, proven history, and the employ of wisdom, common sense and experience.
  God Has no agenda, no ulterior motive, other than the welfare of the people He created. He created humanity. Life is His objective. The life of nations. Civilization is His family. From all countries of earth, to every city, to every family,  to every living, breathing soul. He has a vested interest in all of us – we’ve been purchased. Owners rights. The blood of the Father’s only Son, on Calvary, is the deed heaven recognizes. Anything else is counterfeit.
  Father God always gives a nation what they most seek after: freedom or slavery or freedom, blessing or cursing. God is never ambiguous in His message to us. Deuteronomy 28 makes that clear. He tells it like it is. Always spells it out.
●I thought of the prophet Jeremiah today.  Verse 15 of the book of Jeremiah, in Chapter 18, of NKJV,  we read:  15  “They have burned incense to worthless idols. And they have caused themselves to stumble in their ways, From the ancient paths, To walk in pathways and not on a highway, 16 To make their land desolate and a perpetual hissing; Everyone who passes by it will be astonished, And shake his head. 17 I will scatter them as with an east wind before the enemy; I will show them the back and not the face, In the day of their calamity.”
  America, O America, you have to choose Baal or God, light or darkness, deliverance or destruction. Indecision will not be your friend.
Like Amos- let us cry out once more, spare us O Lord. Save us O Lord, and we will be saved.
Respectfully submitted,
       Elizabeth Cassutto   March 26, 2024