Greetings Lighthouse Inc., Church Family,

“God has called us to a 21 day fast.

So I heard the word Esther, so I thought it might be an Esther fast. I looked it up. the queen and the Jewish community fasted for three days so that she could find favor before the king and plead for her life and that of her Jewish people. Because if she went before the king without, the king wanting her there, she would have been killed. So they were in trouble, and that’s why they fasted.

But we are in trouble, too, because the things that are coming down the road are going to be fierce and furious, and it’s going to take some of the Church out. All right. God said, I am bringing My Church back to a sure foundation of My Word in order to purify her of her double mindedness. So then God told me to start to call a 21 day fast starting Thursday (March 28, 2024), which is tomorrow, and started in the morning.

I know you can fast a liquid fast for 21 days, or you can eat one meal a day for the next 21 days, you know?”

Below are printable downloadable guides to help you with the Daniel Fast.

The Fast – click below


Evangelist/Pastor Barbara

21 Days Of Daniel Fasting And Prayer

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