February 7, 2024

Evangelist/Pastor Barbara Lynch

Went to prayer and asked the Father to give us a word for today. He said: No, I want to give you a number.

My number for today is 52.  Divine protection, grace, and faith

The biblical meaning of the number 52 is related to divine protection, grace, and faith. The number is composed of 2 and 5, which are both prime numbers with symbolic meanings in the scriptures. 2 represents unity and separation, while 5 represents God’s grace and favor. Number 52 also appears in John 8:52, where Jesus is accused of being possessed by a demon after promising eternal life to His followers.

The number 52 has a lot of meaning. You can research it. We have all experienced times when we keep seeing the same number over and over again. Start googling the number and see what it means. One place I read it is an angel trying to give us a message.  Make sure you don’t get into the psychic site.