The Word of the Lord.
A breakthrough in the Spirit realm is coming!

Obedience brings blessings My child. Those who hear My voice, listen and obey, will receive blessings from obedience.

This message today will bring uplifting blessings to your soul, your mind. In the past many words have been spoken about the upcoming move of My Spirit. Rumors have it said that a great move of God, like never before will happen. This My child, I have spoken to My prophets. They have listened and heard My words of great hope for My people. Even now, My child, these words will impact the lives of My children canceling out the death sentence that the enemy has been speaking. Listen now and hear the words of the Lord.

“Word Keeper”, I am. I will do that mighty work across the earth, as I have spoken in the past. The word for now is “Completion.”  Completion, of what I have spoken will be seen across the earth. Completion shall take place and those who believe will surely see a mighty work take place. It will be an awesome, fearsome time to be alive. The deaf shall hear, the lame shall walk, and those who have called on My name, shall receive all they have been waiting for. It will be a time of great celebration for those who have called on My name. They shall receive all they have been waiting for. It will be a time of great celebration for those who have called on My name, and stood, waiting for their God to move on their behalf.

Many will cry out for all to be spared from the great calamity that will take place concerning those who have turned their back to Me and chose the evil one. Some will be saved as repentance comes forth from their hearts. Many will lose their lives in sin.

My child, remember these words, “I AM with you, and always will be.” There is no other God before Me that can stand against the power within Me. I AM the “Great I AM”, and I always will be the “Faithful One” who keeps His promises from generation to generation.

Listen not to the voice of the enemy who proclaims righteousness is his. His sentence will come on him as lightning strikes and burns up that which is in its path. No future is there, for his sentence has been announced. The devil, the evil one is defeated.

Tell My people this day, “Your day is coming. Your life will change in a moments time. Until you see the “Light of Glory”, hold fast, be still and know I Am God.”

The Mighty One

Teresa R. Michieli
Outpouring Ministries
November 19, 2023