Originally posted on May 17, 2021

The Lord speaks. His voice is being heard throughout this nation and throughout this earth.

His voice is coming with a mighty thundering sound. It will be heard throughout this nation to let His people know He has heard their cries for His help. He knows the burdens that have been placed upon His people. Nothing is too difficult for Me, says the Lord God Almighty.

The change that is coming is going to be beyond belief of the believers. It will literally capture the hearts of all men. What they supposed, will change. What they thought, will no longer stand. For the Lord God of All will make a change that will cast a shadow on what has previously seemed My doing. It will automatically change the atmosphere of this nation I have called Mine.

Lightning shall come forth as My power penetrates the atmosphere falling to this earth. Many will fall to their knees crying for forgiveness for they cannot stand in the weight of My glory.

Now listen to these words that I have spoken. Take heed My children, all is well, says your God. All is well to come. Do not allow what is taking place as evil to enter into your heart. Look past the evil knowing your God has spoken truth to you this day. I am coming and My glory will be released in a way never heard of before in history.

Believe. For I have spoken these words to bring hope in your hearts. The time is short. Be alert and know your God has seen it all.

My weapons of warfare are clearing My path of righteousness. Be aware of what is about to take place. The time is short My children. Much is about to happen. Keep in mind My children, I will not allow the enemy to take over. His time has ceased. It is My time now! Says the Lord of All.

Teresa R. Michieli
Outpouring ministries.
May 17, 2021