Greetings Lighthouse Inc., Church Family,
This is something that God shared with Rev. Cassutto on the Isaiah 62 Fast.
Pastor/Evangelist Barbara Lynch

Elizabeth here. I’d like to confirm that you were hearing from the Lord – when you invited the Body of believers to join in, if possible, on the Isaiah 62 Prayer & Fast for Israel. ✡️
°The Lord alerted me to key reasons why month of May is vital in 🙏. It’s a pivotal month for Redemption. For Israel, for the Church (harvest), for us.
1st ● Curses going into the air in Israel.
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From the Jerusalem Post- going on now is the Freemasonry World Congress – Many countries- many freemasonry lodges present. The darkness & curses are being unleashed there now, under the guise of a benevolent group. So we 🙏 to cover ✡️
2nd ● Israel’s Feast of Shavuot (Pentecost)
May 25-May 28 is Shavuot, May 28 is Pentecost. The Isaiah 62 Fast also highlights  Israel’s ✡️ 75th Anniversary back in the land, since Israel was given back her land by the U.N. signing 🖋🧾 on May 14, 1948. Sunday is May 14th. 
▪︎ Seventy-five is a significant biblical number, many new beginnings and promises start with 75. [Abraham was 75 when called out to go to a new land].
 And- the gemstone gift often given at 75 is the sapphire. The blue hues of the stone reflects heaven.
▪︎ So it seems this year 2023 –this Pentecost season- the Lord is calling us out from the past bondage of hard taskmaster  of Babylon -the Baal world thinking), and into our promised land.
●Below- I felt the Lord saying He will send us out of our past with gifts. As He did when redeeming the Israelites out from the Egyptians. A bounty.
     ☆ Sapphire Gift from HeavenAssociated with diamonds ( Exodus 28:18 ) and emeralds ( Ezekiel 28:13 ); one of the stones in the high priest’s breastplate. It is a precious stone of a sky-blue colour, probably the lapis lazuli, brought from Babylon. The throne of God is described as of the colour of a sapphire ( Exodus 24:10 ; Compare Ezekiel 1:26 ).

3rd ● God’s Endtime Harvest.
•Pastor – as you so often said – the enemy is throwing everything at us now. We all feel it. Since Sunday nights wonderful service at Lighthouse church, I’ve had attacks in my body (heart & knees gone haywire). Out of the blue this attack came. Not focusing on it.  I’m choosing to ignore the words of the liar kicked out of heaven. I’m fighting back w/ faith, God’s words over me, and whatever healthy, needful things God tells me to do.
•Now more than ever in my life – I see, feel, know that the enemy will stop at nothing to try to remove us from our assignments. Fighting Him tooth – the Lord’s words from His mouth &  nail – the nails on the cross redeemed me.
4th● 🙏 for U.S.A.
•At the end of this month, our government will have Reps. from Biden Administration, traveling to Switzerland for the World Summit of the W.H.O., where they will join forces with 294 nations to sign-the-USA-into-coming under the W.H.O. Global health mandates. In short, if this govt hands us over to the W.H.O., we lose our national sovereignty. 294 member nations there (from the United Nations) are basically giving a non-government formed and CCP dictated group the keys to their country to decide who, when, how much. Our Constitution and Founding Laws will be null & void. (Sev. brave and truth telling people in govt are trying to fight this tooth & nail, but most American ppl don’t know about it. Congressman Andy Biggs H.R. Bill 79 – he’s trying to wake up millions to say NO to this tyranny. So we pray.
        Just some thoughts to mull on. Godspeed.  🌷Love & Shalom,                            Elizabeth Cassutto