Greetings Lighthouse Inc., Church Family,

Please read this post from Chuck Pierce.

In Christ,

Pastor/Evangelist Barbara Lynch

A Washing, Purifying, and Rectifying to Rule in a New Way!

There was such an unusual prophetic anointing in our Celebration Service, and we could sense the interaction between Heaven and Earth. In this time of transition, allow the Spirit of God to change your desires and cause you to stand in His victory.

“Tell My people not to get frustrated during May, for I Am going to be washing away what has seemed to soil their garments. There is no condemnation for what you allowed to be mistakes in the past, but this will be a month of washing away. Then, I Am going to change your desire for the lovers of your past. The things you were drawn to in one season, and the things that motivated you in another season, will start to change in the month ahead. You will find yourself saying ‘I don’t know what happened to me, but my desires have been purified.’

“Not only will I purify, but I will rectify your desires. Some of you have thought you were supposed to be going after certain things, but I Am readjusting your focus into a different field. I Am going to give you a different field that you did not fully expect. I Am going to rectify and square up your desires in a way that really fits with who you are and with what is in your heart. I Am purifying and changing your desires to become rooted in who you are in Me.

“I brought you from the land to rule your land. I brought you up and out of the land and put life in you to bring forth life. I never meant for the land to rule you, but I created a people who could stand in their portion and bring forth and multiply their portion. There is a new wind blowing across the land and when chaos is in your portion, know I have allowed that chaos to come into your portion so you rule that chaos. This is the time that I Am drawing forth the fullness of My plan that I have for each one in My land. Ready yourself for the conflicts ahead – I Am already releasing triumph into you!”

Chuck D. Pierce
4 30 2023