By Pastor/Evangelist Barbara Lynch {As posted in today’s Weekly bulletin for the week of 4-9-2023 through 4-15-2023}


When My people who are called by My name, fast and pray, come to the footstool and cry out for deliverance, I will hear from My Holy Mountain, and I will send forth the Holy Angels to accomplish all that you have need of.

You must, at all cost, be in perfect alignment with My word over your life and the world. I will not compromise My word that I have spoken over the present and future generations. You call upon My name but do not do it with the right heart. You call upon My name to manipulate Me into doing what you want done when you want it done. I am not a God of compromise; I never compromise My Word. My word is yes, and amen; it has never been maybe. Man can try to control the world, but man can never control Me; I am that I am, and I do not change. Children, you must abide by My rules, for I will not change My rules for any reason.

This world is in the state it is in because My church compromised My word and spit upon My Son Jesus, walked upon My Holy Spirit. I have come upon the scene, and I am righting every wrong. When I am finished, all will understand that they serve a triune God who does not change.

All the manipulation that man has created has accomplished one thing: to destroy the land that I created. My angelic hosts have been released all across the land. They are now accomplishing what I have foreordained to be accomplished. You will see new resurrection power come upon the scene, and all that was dead will be brought to life again. Those who have disowned Me will now know Me as I truly am; a God in total and complete control of His universe. Yes, I said His universe. I created this universe man did not. It does not matter what man has to say; I, the Lord thy God, have created this universe. I can wipe this universe out when I so desire, and man cannot stop Me.

What makes man think he is greater than the creator? What makes man think he is more significant than My Son Jesus? What makes man think he is more powerful than My Holy Spirit? Man has walked all over the Heavenly Realm for the last time. The end is coming upon this land, and many woes will be brought forth out of the mouths who blasphemed Me. Some will be saved, and some will not. But I tell you a truth; I am judging the land. I am judging the people, and many have been found wanting.

Oh, the cries will go forth! The blasphemy will go forth, but to no avail, I have warned, and I have warned, and I have warned, but they would not listen, and now judgment has come upon the land and the people living in the land. Wow, woe, wow to those who would not heed My prophets, the warning signs in the sky, and My Word. On the cross, My Son Jesus said it is finished, and I tell you this day it is finished. All things are coming to an abrupt end. The skies will split wide open, you will hear the trumpet call, and you will see My people leave this earth triumphantly.

Revelation 8:13 (NKJV) And I looked, and I heard an angel flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice, “Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth, because of the remaining blasts of the trumpet of the three angels who are about to sound!”