When no one else could help me Jesus did.

At a church service during praise and worship, in a vision I saw Jesus come behind me and completely consume me until all I saw was my face. I had so much peace and feeling His presence was so comforting. Little did I know two days later my son would leave this earth because of an accident.

Jesus said in His word, He would never leave us or forsake us, and He proved Himself true to me that day. He carried me through the sorrow and the grief. When the pain got so bad that it became a physical pain that took me to the floor, again, Jesus did what no man could do.
As I left to go to a church service there was a special speaker. My words to my husband were, “no one can help me but God.” I was at the lowest part of my life and did not know how to get out of the terrible pain I was experiencing. This speaker said to me, “If I’ve come for no one else I’ve come for you. This night you shall not feel that pain any more. You will remember it, but you will not feel it.” From that moment on, I never felt that horrible pain that took me to the floor ever again.

I’ve had a lot of experiences with God, seeing Him move on my behalf. He was letting me know that He was there. I had many things that brought me joy because I knew He cared.

We fail at times to see the hand of God to see His love being activated in our lives because we can’t look past the natural. Hard times come and it is our choice to depend on God or to walk it out by our emotions. It is a push and shove to get past the emotional pain in our lives, but it can be achieved. Only by the hand of mercy, the hand of grace and the hand of love from God. Our dependency must be on Him for everything we walk through. If not, we will miss the moments that His helping hand guides us to the other side.

Should you be walking in any type of pain this day, there is One who has chosen to love you regardless of the life you have led, His name is Jesus. Jesus has a way of removing all the terror by night, all the deficiencies in your life, and give to you what you need for that very moment.

He is closer than a friend and He is right next to you never to leave you or forsake you. He is omnipresence, so Jesus can be everywhere at one time.

Instead of questioning this, look at it as your hope to recover from whatever you are going through. Jesus is right there with you. Expect Him to move on your behalf, that no man nor woman can do for you.

When you have reached the end of all help, Jesus is still there, willing to take your hand and lead you beside the still waters. There is where you will recover, and you will find peace and joy again.

Teresa R. Michieli

Outpouring Ministries 1/11/23