Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. Psalm 30:5

The night is young and the days seem so long. What is this forlorn feeling? Is it hopelessness, despair? Or is it just an emotion longing to see a better way, a better future? With so much forlorn feelings how can one have hope to look forward to?

Could it be a moment of feelings that just happen to come your way? Maybe it’s the result of not being able to do the things you want to do. Or just not having any interest in doing anything.

No, it is a passing by. It will leave and Joy shall return. How? It always does. We walk through moments in time where life doesn’t always feel like a bed of roses. Sometimes the sour grapes of life do come along. But eventually the sour grapes shrivel and become nothing.

We are to hold onto the sweet fragrance and joy of moments where our heart sang. They will keep us and give us hope when times seem rough. Remembrance of the times of joy gives us hope that joy cometh in the morning.

Remembering those times helps us to push forward to better days. If we remain in the place where sorrow, grief and pain have visited us, we will never experience the joy that has been dealt to us. We must recollect the times when the sun shown in our lives ever so bright.
Memories of happy times becomes the remedy for those times of troubles. We have those times as an anchor of joy. We can return to those memories as a hope that once again, joy shall return in one way or another, and our smile will once again cross our face with joy.

Teresa R. Michieli Outpouring Ministries 1/3/2023