God can scarcely believe how beautiful His creation is. He gazes from Heaven in wonderment of all the lovely and graceful creatures He has created and placed on this earth. As He gazes upon His creation of His daughters and sons, the joy that builds up within His heart is beyond measure. He looks at each delicate feature, the fingertips, the nails, the eyes, the lips. All this He created from His own-self, from His love that was built up inside of Him.

There is no time in the essence of the love of God. His love has been forever and will continue to be forever over all His creation. He saw within Himself a beauty that He could create, and bring forth and enjoy through eternity, so He did it. He created the Earth and all that lies within. His greatest creation were His sons and daughters, made in His image.

His love for each member of His family cannot be put into words but only by the breath of God, filled with love, filled with gratitude to Himself for that which He has created. He will never forget the moment that He looked into man’s eyes and saw Himself. That first glance filled with so much love that He could not contain it, and He poured it into man. That is why we can love because we hold the greatest love there ever will be which came from the heart of God.

Today, even today, His love has not changed for His creation, for His sons and daughters. It is the same love yesterday, today and tomorrow and forever. Think about WHO is gazing at you and saying how beautiful My creation I have made. Think about the love that God is pouring over you even now. Those moments you feel so loved and such joy, is because your Father in Heaven is gazing at you with all the love inside of Him just for you.

You will always be loved. There will never be a second of time that will lack your Father God’s love for you. It will never cease for it is for eternity.

When you look in the mirror you see yourself but deeper within that reflection holds the face of God because He created you from a part of Himself, His image, His breath, His love.

Teresa R. Michieli

Outpouring Ministries 12-29-22