There’s no great day like this day!
There is nothing special in the natural realm, but oh, the joy in the spiritual realm. I am learning to be more joyful for what I know in the spiritual realm, then for what I see and hear in the natural.

There are far more greater joys, living spiritually minded, then in a natural life. There is where I meet God. With the turmoil of activity happening in the world which affects our natural life, we need a place of solitude. That place is in the quiet place in the spiritual realm alone with God.

So many people miss the opportunity God has given them to come join Him. They are too busy with their natural life, and they forget the life in the spiritual realm where God will always meet them. In that place where He has prepared a place for just you and Himself. He pats the seat beside Himself and says, “Come sit with Me and allow Me to comfort you, allow Me to show you how much you are loved by Me.”

Yes, God has prepared that place. You won’t find it in the natural realm, nor will you find God in the busyness, but only in the quietness of your heart where He awaits. He is there, always, just waiting for you to come.

Teresa R. Michieli

Outpouring Ministries 12-28-22