Greetings Lighthouse Inc., Church Family,

Please take this into your Spirit man.

In Christ,

Pastor/Evangelist Barbara Lynch

This year will be the Year of Expansion.
What you see before you is what is going on but only for a moment. Many people are wondering why I am allowing things to happen the way they are and I tell you it is for a greater purpose. I am shaking each person to the very core. I am revealing the cracks and crevices in your foundation. Too many have placed their foundation on man and man’s approval and this is like building a house upon the sand. It has caused stress upon my leaders that should never be.
I need a body that will work for Me and those I have placed in the position of leaders – Shepherds of My House and not against. I am revealing this to the people so that they can make a choice. Either they will follow Me or they will follow man. It is time to get your eyes totally and completely on Me and not on what others are doing. It is time to get on the same team… My team. It is time to work together and not against each other. Those who will not line up will be shaken and removed. They will be placed in another part of what I am doing and miss out on the best I had for them.
Do not chase after them. Allow Me to make room for those who will take position and do what I have called them to do and bring forth what I have set to bring forth. I want to expand My church. I want to expand the lives of those who have been faithful and true. I want to expand My anointing, My presence, and My love will overflow to beyond the capacity of the four walls. To do this the foundation in My church must be firm and true. The support in My church must be in line with My purpose as to not fall and kill the souls that are coming in.
Do not be judgmental during this time. Stay focused on Me and do what I have called you to do. Those who fall away I will take care of them. You just do the assignments and the tasks that I have set in your hands to do. Nothing more and nothing less. Do not look at another fellow brother and position them in rank. One person’s position will not be more important than another. Each job, task, anointing, mantle, and position is key to what I am doing. Just because you do not see nor understand what I am asking an individual to do, do not speculate. You want to know, ask Me and if I choose I will tell you. Do not shake your head at the one who takes care of My house and think they are less anointed than those who are seen. Do not think the ones who are going into the streets are more anointed than the ones who are sitting at My feet and learning more of My Word or working with just one soul. This will open a door of pride, disunity, and will stop you from working as a team. This is not a competition. I so desire that My body would grasp this.
It is a time to bond together and encourage one another in their unique roles and pray for one another to be on the same page – My page. Bring your concerns to Me and I will take care of all things. As you do this you will see Me expand things in your life as well. You will see that I will expand in your life in ways you could not imagine.
The question I give you as My body… are you giving Me room to expand or are you filling that room with what you perceive of others and the cares that are not yours? Are you doing things for Me or for another? Refocus and get on track because what I am doing, there will be no stopping and holding back. This expansion shall and will happen. The question is will you be a part of it or will you miss out?