My hand is over this country and it shall not be moved out of the way. My heart is crying out for this nation to take its place back in position where I ordained it to be. No nation can stand without My presence being known.

In the coming days My glory shall rest across this land and bring freedom back into this nation. Is it possible, you may ask when you see all that has been turned upside down in this nation? Can it be possible when terror is running in every direction? Can it be possible with the way that this nation has been ran by the wrong people? Yes it can because I am God over all nations. I can turn this around with one spoken word.

If you are looking to a man to deliver this nation you are looking in the wrong direction. Turn your eyes back on Me and I shall return this nation back where it belongs in My care and not the care of man as you suppose. For now the victory has been won and this nation shall return to the victory that it once had.
Following this nation, other nations will succeed in bringing back their nation under God. For I will not change a nation that does not put Me first.

Remember this, I am God Almighty. I am God the Creator of all things and I am God, the Great I Am, Beginning and the End, the Alpha and the Omega, Almighty God.

Teresa R. Michieli
Outpouring Ministries