Watch My children! Watch what I am going to do for this nation, My children, throughout this earth.

You have not begun to see what I hold in My hand. Are they weapons? Are they blessings? Wait! Watch and see. For the time and the season are now.

Fortify your dwelling place and fortify your minds. For the coming days may seem challenging for some. But you My children have been given the strength to endure even in the most challenging times. Buckle up and stand assured that I your God have planned this for some time. It will come to fruition.

Do not be scared or allow fear to rise up in you. But face all challenges in confidence that I will carry you through these troubled waters. It is not a time of fear but of great rejoicing knowing I, your God, am about to turn the tables of the enemy upside down. All the ruins will fall to the ground. Nothing will be saved. It will all be ruined by My great power.

Listen up My mighty ones! Gird up your loins and be prepared to stand. Be prepared to pull down the stronghold that will try, I say, try to build up a house against you. It will crumble for the foundations are weak. All will crumble.

See, I am giving you hope. Hope that you will stand and will be fortified in Me. I have not giving you weary legs to stand on. Your foundation has been built on My Rock, My Son, Jesus and you shall prevail in great victory.

Your eyes are open and your ears have heard. Now be alert for great happenings are taking place across the earth. Be a part of this great and awesome move as My power pours out upon this earth and through My people.

Victory I say! Victory today, tomorrow and forever!

Your Father,

Teresa R. Michieli
Outpouring Ministries
March 26, 2022