By Evangelist Barbara Lynch

Daughter do not stress yourself out over this given situation. I have it all laid out on my planning table and it is going as I need it to go. There is nothing anyone can do or say that will bring a halt to what is going on.

Putin is being shown as a villain when in reality he is the martyr. The elite has come out with a smoking gun that has no power, but the works of the evil darkness is making it look like it has all power and authority.

I have not given permission for this season {already written in the annuals of time} to be removed. This has to play out, so the world can see the entire truth and darkness can be demolished once and for all.

My people need to continue to fast and pray for the wickedness to dissolve and My purity to be brought forth.

My Kingdom will thrive upon this earth. That is also written in the annuals of time. The enemy cannot thwart My plans for America. Yes, Russia is playing a vital role in bringing peace into America. TRUTH always brings peace and this is what I am doing at this given moment in history-I am bringing truth to the forefront so all can see for themselves what is going on behind the political scene.

Many will turn from their wicked ways, but you will always have those who will not. You stay the course I have placed your feet upon and never once deter from the path of righteousness.