Submitted 12/25/2021

The enemy cannot cross over to the Promised Land through the Red Sea. Only My people can cross over. There, will be everything you have need of. No fear, no sickness, only provisions depending totally on Me. Nothing can change for the enemy. He is lost already. He will be swallowed up just as the Egyptians in the time of Moses leading My people out of Egypt and across the Red Sea.

The enemy fears more than you know. He is trying his best to keep his head afloat but he will sink, sink for eternity. What you are seeing is a desperate plot of the enemy to survive the blows he is receiving from Me. He has lost and cannot regain his footage. Look around and you will see his plot being destroyed in every direction. He knows his time is closing in on him. Desperate moves. They will all fall just as he will and his schemes.

I promise I will take care of you, My people. Do not lose hope by what is happening. Am I not God of all! You cry out for help, I hear. Again, I say, do not lose hope. I will rescue you, My children. I am coming to this earth. I am coming to destroy what is taking place. Let the enemy cry out because of your praise. Let him fall to his knees in defeat because you My people have stood in faith and will not be moved.

You are the unshakable ones. The ones who have said, I will not be defeated when My God has already said the victory is mine. Hold fast, it won’t be long. Listen to Me. Listen for My voice speaking to you not through another and you will receive the truth. My whispers are going out and soon will be heard louder and louder as I call My people together as one. One in Me. You will know that I am calling you. You will feel the need to follow Me. When all My people bring forth a shout, a victory, the enemy will run as fast as he can in defeat.

The mountains of burdens will disappear and the weapons used against My people will shatter and never be able to be put back together. It will all crumble and NEW will arise as the triumph of victory is sounded. The victory has been won. The shout will be heard across the whole earth in unison of My shout, to shout. Believe My dear ones. Believe. Read My Word and you will find your answers. You will see My victories throughout My word. I change not, My dear ones. I will do the same today as the yesterdays. My promise has not changed. I said I would never leave you or forsake you. Stand on that word for the truth shall set you free. My Truth is alive inside of you. My Son, Jesus is your Truth. Believe.

Teresa R Michieli

Outpouring Ministries